FEET – A soppy verse for the missus!


Feet come in all sizes

Quantities and types

A centipede has lots of them

So does the wretched mite


Ducks and geese have webbed ones

On trotters pigs do run

Monkey’s feet they bend and grip

Yet fish, poor fish, have none


Of all the feet in this world

The ones I like the most

Are Shirley’s feet in flip-flops

I could eat them just like toast!


27 thoughts on “FEET – A soppy verse for the missus!

      1. I envy you… while I sit here in my 93 degree (Fahrenheit) living room, with the sun beating in, wishing the air conditioner worked better. 🙂

    1. I read your comment first and thought I was time travelling. I then read Rachel’s and figured out I wasn’t time travelling after all. So yes, I did get lucky for yesterday was the first day in 97 years together that she didn’t hit me about the head with a rolled up newspaper – now that is what I call luck!

    1. She didn’t hit be around the temples with a rolled up newspaper that day. However she still has to accede to my desire to have my socks ironed. Cheers.

    1. Crikey that’s worse than the day Shirley washed my Speedo swimming trunks and the ‘S’ fell off. At the swimming pool the next day I wondered why everyone was avoiding me!

  1. If the weather was nice enough I’d be in flip flops 24/7. Feet are to be celebrated….. except perhaps crusty old feet…then they aught to be covered or undergo treatment.

    Nice poem!

    1. Cheers – mind you I remember my Dad’s feet well. He got frost bite as a POW and I can’t recall Mum having any fascination with his! Crusty or what.

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