As my wife was so chuffed about yesterday’s poem ‘Feet’ I felt it only right to muse upon her parts again today. ‘That’ll impress her’ I thought. I mean she already knows what a sensitive man I am and how I always display a true understanding of the ways of the fairer sex. She was so impressed just the other day when I told her to not keep her underarm so very close to mine in the bathroom for I am well aware that should a bloke accidentally use ‘Dove Roll On’ then it is a racing certainty he will within the hour grow breasts and by the next morning will had changed sex completely! I picked up the vibe that she was impressed because she said, “I can’t believe you ‘know’ that. You’re not like other men.”  Funny thing was she was in floods of tears and head butting the wall as she spoke – probably just a touch of the vapours.  Anyway I feel that the following short ditty will do the trick and further inspire her to think well of me!


I love her lips

I love her eyes

Yet most of all

I love her thighs


A fetish?

Yes, that’s plain to see

But it’s her thighs that

Do it for me?


And when it’s time

For me to die

Let me suffocate

Twixt thigh and thigh


There that’ll be me on a promise tonight – you see I really do ‘know’ women and feel sure she will be at ease with the fact I’ve shared this on WordPress.



29 thoughts on “THIGHS

    1. She hits me regularly you yet as Eric Morecambe once said, ‘she’s got a heart of gold but smells a bit’…….Christ I hear her footsteps thumping up the stairs as I write!

  1. Ah, Shirley is being forever memorialized part-by-part. So I guess we all know what part to expect tomorrow? 😉 As for you, good luck tonight! Great verse! 😀

  2. Oh goodness, I have been warned repeatedly to say nothing of women’s thighs or buttocks. I made that horrible mistake once and it was as they say, a one-time learning experience.

    We were at a deck party on a hot summer day when my daughter in-law commented that her “butt was getting big”. I, always the gentleman, agreed with her. She, always the lady, said nothing of it and we both went about our business.

    A few minutes later, I noticed that everyone on the deck was quickly moving away from me. I thought it odd until a bucket full of cold well water landed on me.

    Needless to say, I got wet.

    1. Agree ‘bum’ is a difficult one. Very problematical when a woman says, ‘Does my bum look big in this?’ Truth or diplomacy? A dilemma methinks. The thing is if a woman has a fat arse why ask that question in the first place and thus put us poor chaps on the spot?

  3. It has been very nice knowing you and perhaps you could let us all know whether or not to send flowers to your funeral or if you would prefer for us to honor you in a variety of posts. Give your wife my condolences in advance for losing such a treasure.

      1. Are you sure it was a ‘laugh’ not a maniacal cackle bordering on hysteria – cause there’s a difference. In one you live in another you’re toast.

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