The saddest celebration

From far and wide

They come

Family and friends

To the place

With stained glass


Matters not

What each

May believe in


For this day

Is for reverence


They meet up

Every so often

‘Once upon a death’


Last respects


The laying to rest

Of loveliest lady



A wake

They catch up

On old stories

Laugh and joke

A little

Ever mindful though

Of the occasion


‘Once upon a death’

Until the next time


17 thoughts on “‘ONCE UPON A DEATH’

  1. Very moving – and I really like the fact that you have acknowledged that it doesn’t matter what people believe per se: All gods are one god, all goddesses, one goddess.

    ‘Once upon a death’: beautifully put.

      1. How ‘good’ it is.. to avoid brainstorming all together. Well.. anyways.. i liked it.

      2. What with salami and dragons – you now have another great title for a skit/poem ‘How ‘good’ it is.. to avoid brainstorming all together.’ Interesting take – you should write it.

  2. What a beautiful tribute to your auntie! I was just talking with a cousin about that yesterday…how funerals are always like family reunions and that’s the only time you see someone until the next one dies. Great verse!

  3. It does bring us together, but then again, so do babies.
    Well said! Bridges and planks are much the norm this weekend.
    I’m seeing them everywhere. Doesn’t mean anything, tho. OMG! Does it?

    😉 Cheerz! Uncle Tree

    1. Best stay a tree – do avoid the ‘plank’ thing as that sounds like a jigsaw job to me unless of course it is a cosmetic trunk lift! Cheers by the way.

  4. The title alone is a poem all by itself, the first line ‘the saddest celebration’ is probably the best and most beautiful summary of a funeral I ever came across. Beautiful!

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