I pitched my shelter

In The Sea of Tranquillity

Settled in for the night

Next morning

When I awoke

My tent

My possessions

Had disappeared

Into the void of space

No rhyme

Nor reason to it


What was left?

Three hours of oxygen

In the canister

A cyanide pill

A view of Mother Earth

To die for






19 thoughts on “CHOICES

      1. I thought you weren’t leaving until closer to the weekend. What will I ever do without you to commiserate with? If you’re off to France early, then safe travels, my friend! You’ll be missed.

      2. Cheers – not so much leaving early more Shirley has listed many things for me to do – that I promised to do but haven’t – before we go! Still a break; bit of thinking; new material. I shall return! Will certainly miss morning chats.

      3. Yes, and you’ll miss my (shhh….haunted house story coming Wednesday not to mention my embarrassing wardrobe malfunction story Thursday). My stuff will just be getting good then. But it will be here when you get back and Shirley deserves her to-do list done. I hope you get some good sleep while you’re gone!

      4. Ah, and so you can make sure the house is still standing? 😉 (At least that’s my fear when I leave Jeremy alone!) I’ll miss your witty quips, but I hope you guys have fun and relax!

      1. It’s one he wrote in 2012 as an experimental piece – still in demo format (although it sounds mastered to me). You would be welcome to use it if you thought it enhanced you diary posts playing in the background. It is good stuff!

      2. Well, I was thinking of doing a Kimmy post about how Kimmy perceives the West’s perception of him…so a song would fit in nicely I guess;)

      3. Hopefully – then again you may not even like it! We’ll have a go though. I send it over on the back of an email following my brief sabbatical

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