Eggshells and whispers

The trusted ones

Take care

And listen


Others eavesdrop

Those spellbound raconteurs

Who would always

Have their way

Who fear



Prostitution of ideals

An alien thing

To the sisters

Who know street lights

Better than the sun

No idle secrets

Do they have

Just banter


Haggling to a point


Yet the spellbound raconteurs


The moral high ground

Hold the power


The libertines

And the sisters of the street lights

Merely set the bar


The rest of us

Are judged by

Or so it is said


Come the revolution


16 thoughts on “EGGSHELLS & WHISPERS

  1. Amazing and powerful…Mike, don’t you think it’s time you try to get your work published? I know you’re mostly doing it because it’s fun and I don’t mean to push you, but I do feel your work is very deserving of a bigger audience…no, strike that, there’s a big audience deserving of your work!

    1. That is very kind Sir – the thing is it means getting it all together. Perhaps young George will help me with that…I shall ask him as he soon will be one of the great unwashed unless a job falls out of the sky his way!

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