Privilege to petrify

Power ordains

To the ones

Who lust

Beyond just

Iniquitous greed


Who lust

To make

All that is animate

All that has monetary worth

Within those anguished

Lines drawn

About the sphere

Their very own

Ostentatious preserve

Within the temple

Of the god

Of that insatiable


Toward unearned


Ugly opulence

At cost


And metaphorical

To the minions


For such tyrants

For that is what

They are

I wish you

The damnation

As afforded to

Those who believe

To dish out

And sleep at night

In the comfort

That justice has

Been seen to have

Been done

In another realm


Those who


Make me wish

I was able

To believe

And sleep tight


23 thoughts on “PRIVILEGE TO PETRIFY

  1. my beloved papa had one irredeemable flaw – he was a fan of Mussolini and despised the communists for his execution – insisted that you Brits forced him into Hitler’s embrace – needless to say it made for many jolly good dinner table arguments over the years between we 2

    1. Born evil? For every positive in the universe there has to be a negative? I guess I don’t really know! Great question though – just needs a cleverer man than I to answer it!

      1. Yes that is true; for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction.. hmmm perhaps burning in the fires of hell is the reaction lol.

        I really enjoy reading your blog and learn much from your writing style. Also I appreciate your likes on my modest blog, it’s much appreciated Mike.


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