The busy

Self-centred capitalists

The soft socialists

The hopeless dreamers


None of them

Noticed the bulge

Of the pregnancy


Mother ‘Far Right’

Is with child once more


Yet still

Across Western Europe

The realisation

Of imminent birth

Of another beast

In human form

Fails to stir

Anything other

Than ‘worrying’



Voting habits


The surgeon’s knife

Is at the ready

A Caesarean cut

Is planned

Golden framed

Spectacles donned

The surgeon grins

Readying himself

Awaiting the nod

Of the like-minded

To make the ‘cut’


Pity Democracy

Denies enforced


Thinks this radical


Early morn USA

Uncle Sam

Takes morning coffee

Thumbs through

The NY Times

Middle East



Same old same old

Notes at least

There is nothing much

Of material interest

Going on

The other side

Of the pond



25 thoughts on “THE SURGEON GRINS

  1. I shudder with your shudder – even though here in the US my views are often called “far right” I know the truth of who I am – I fear the real far right as well as the far left – perhaps we can figure out some way for them annihilate each other

    1. Sir, you may be on the ‘right’ yet I observe from your poetry that you are a proud American who believes in democracy. When Western Europe gets a touch of the vapours democracy goes out of the window and that is my fear. Prior to the EU Germany, France, Britain etc.etc. would be at war on average every decade as far back as recorded history. The Union has brought about 70 years of peace. I see it all going horribly wrong. And, I agree wholeheartedly that far right/left should not be given access to the democratic process – even if that sounds like a contradiction. Society must take care of society – even Thatcher understood that.

      1. And, unfortunately, chosen ignorance and unabashed pride in the same abound throughout it. I fear bad things are brewing that in our children’s time will wreak a havoc on them unlike anything the world has ever seen. And that’s my most optimistic view on the matter. 😀

      2. If the EU breaks up your prediction will come to fruition a little earlier as expansionism replaces union – the lessons of Western European history and all that.

      1. Ohoho.. if a Dystopian Society is to flood our way than I shall say the earth & civilization is to haunts us once again. If Europe.. Nay! Not much.

      1. Not with the knew I knackered during an unfortunate episode attempting to serve legal papers upon a miscreant some years ago! Crippled I am!

  2. This is one of those works people might revisit not too long from now and say: ‘Hm, guess we should have seen what was coming.’ Brilliant piece of work and yet another good reason I believe your poetry deserves and is even in need of a wider audience. I do hope a publisher will fall from the sky into your back yard one of these days.

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