Danny “Sparko” Soz: Heavyweight Consumer Champion

Here’s one from the quill of Lord Danny Soz 7th. Earl of Whitechapel on behalf of us suffering consumers everywhere!


tough guy

I Know Your Rights!”

Dear Danny

I recently purchased one of those small, car vacuum cleaners to use on the carpets, mats and trim on my Honda hatchback but when I switched it on it began smoking and eventually blew a fuse in the voltage regulator. I took it back to the shop but the manager refused me a refund, claiming that I must have caused the problem myself through misuse of the item.

I wonder if you could help me with this one Danny as it cost quite a bit of money and my wife’s none too happy.

Kevin Chadwick



Dear Kevin

I went round to the manager’s house last night and gave him a solid right uppercut to the jaw. I then “went downstairs” and worked his lower body with a few powerful shots using both left and right hooks. This seemed to sicken him…

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