Under cross-examination

The accused

When questioned

By the surly barrister

Could only answer

“She was gagging for it!”

The jurors gasped

The accused

Was ordered by the

The Judge

To elaborate


“She was gagging

For food for her children

A roof over their heads

Gainful employment

Safety and security

Peace and quiet


I am a wealthy man

I provided for her

An immigrant

In a new land



The prosecution

Rested its case

The jury retired

The verdict


Guilty of an act of


Of Charity

Toward the

Desperate illegal

Unlike us

We the privileged


Oceans away

From an unsafe home

She and her offspring

Under lock and key

Await deportation


In summing up

The seemingly

Gracious Judge


Their plight

Yet noted

Our ‘Christian’ land

Was full to

Bursting point


The subjective

And announced

That philanthropy

Was beyond

His gift




18 thoughts on “SHE WAS GAGGING FOR IT

  1. Excellent, Mike: moving, chilling, an indictment of much that is wrong in our society – and so damn true.

    1. Thank you – I deliberately used a title that would mean the very opposite of the meaning of what I was writing. It started out as a piece of satirical humour but halfway through I thought ‘funny’ wouldn’t get the point across.

  2. Great stuff, very stark in its accuracy of how people treat other people when nationality becomes a factor. I always find it strange a person can be considered ‘illegal’ merely based on his or her location. This work captures that sentiment unapologetically.

    1. I rather enjoyed writing this one – what with the far right anti-immigrant parties doing so well in the Euro elections here. They talk about ‘we’ British yet can never define who ‘we’ – a mongrel race actually are although they tend to use ‘white’ as a common denominator. Bastards the lot of them!

      1. As Goering once said during the Nürnberg trials (I’m paraphrasing, as I’m too lazy to look for the actual quote): “If you want to get people to do what you want, you simply need to give them a common enemy. Works everytime, everywhere.”
        I don’t want to spoil your weekend, but if anyone can link Goering with present day right wing politicians in but a few words, it’s you (this is meant to inspire, not as homework;))

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