“Oh Derek luv I’m glad you turned up. While you’re here I’ll just get out of me sun lounger so you can tell me if my bum looks big in this new bikini.”


41 thoughts on “MAVIS & HER NEW BIKINI

      1. Hard not to feel sad about this young woman. It’s tell so much more than is revealed here. We live in a world of exposure where everything is so superficial for the naked eye. I don’t want you to get the wrong picture about my comment Mike.
        Using your first name is a sign that I value your virtual friendhip as you will later find out in my Teacher’s Pet Awards.

  1. Ye gods, Mike – damn fine pair. She’s need a bra designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel and no mistake. Mere whalebone wouldn’t be up to the job, methinks. Bring on the steel girders, I say!

  2. I sincerely wish that those aren’t real…………… if they are … ahem….well her butt will never be big enough to attract attention on its own… poor fella will lose badly against those………. 😛

  3. Oh dear! Do you think that bikini was custom made? Sadly, I once saw a woman with equally as ginormous breasts and she was standing next to who I assume was her husband…who was wearing a T-shirt with a photo of her in a similar bikini!

      1. Absolutely! It was very funny! I think it’s got to be an international woman thing… Does this dress make my butt look fat? No matter what, the man should ALWAYS say, “No, of course not, Dear. You look beautiful just the way you are,” with as much sincerity as he can muster. 🙂

      2. Ah, I get it now – so that’s why Shirl beats me up when I tell her her arse looks big in those jeans. Now I understand – cheers for that.

    1. Oddly I wasn’t even looking to write of ‘lowering the bar’ type caption. I was word blind seeking inspiration from surreal pics and this smacked me in the face. Must say I shall probably give up posting for the weekend as the tank is empty – today’s post for example will be about ‘farting’ – has it come to this!

      1. Well, the bar is pretty high with you as it is. It won’t hurt to lower it a little maybe, if only to make you appreciate your efforts so far…and I’m pretty sure the general opinion of your work will not be affected by it (the posts the writers don’t like often land very well with audiences for some reason)
        That said, you’ve been putting out so much great stuff, you do deserve a few days off;)

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