Breaking News: Shock waves and condemnation from around the globe as news breaks of atheist Sue Dan getting ‘stoned’ just weeks after giving birth to baby ‘Moonbeam’ her child by husband, agnostic Nige Eira!

When interviewed hubby Nige commented, “I think it’s disgusting she got stoned just weeks after the birth. In my opinion she could have gotten stoned much earlier as I would be more likely to have gotten my leg across.”



    1. Merely satire regarding the vile treatment of the young mother in Sudan – the use of the hippie is incidental. Maybe should have made that clearer. Sorry about that!

      1. Thank you for the reply.Its not only in Sudan most Muslim Countries follow the barbaric religious laws to punish their subject,flagging,beheading stone to death ,executing the gays and lesbians are only few examples .l worked in Kuwait and l saw the cruelty of their religion.Cheers.

    1. I know and have a number of Muslim mates and they are just as horrified as the rest of us. Evil shit and all that goes on everywhere yet the plight of this poor girl beggars belief. Cheers for the reply – trust you don’t mind that I’ve ‘followed’ as you have a great blog.

      1. I just heard on the radio that the girl in the Sudan who gave birth chained to the prison floor the other day and who they were going to give 100 lashes to then stone to death when her child is 2 years old might be getting freed because of pressure from around the globe. She is a Dr. by the way and her crime was simply marry a bloke from another religion! Anyway hope that news is true.

      2. That’s insane. Yes, I hope it’s true, too. I get so mad at the people who kill and hate in the name of religion. They are a disgrace to their group.

  1. Who gives one the right to throw stones in the name of whom ever God one serves. Same ones throwing stones for this foolishness are the same ones needing a boulder thrown right back. Same people that are worring about religion, yet will rob, rape and use kids as a shield. What the hell, then people wonder why their land is dying, due in part from the wickedness that is spun out of control. Love your blog Mikesteeden, much respect

    1. Isn’t it so very sad the way some people invoke the rules of their/any religion for their own control freakery; their power over others. Whether one has a religion or not it is so easy to display the gift of compassion yet those others choose a very different path. Anyway, I’ll get depressed if I carry on writing – thank you so much for the comment.

  2. Very clever! I keep telling people everybody needs to get stoned once in a while…but I get the impression people in some countries just don’t really get what I mean by that:s

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