LOMM & Racism: A Disclaimer

For the sake of clarity I share and endorse the message of Lord Daniel Soz 7th Earl of Whitechapel.

The League of Mental Men!

A couple of days ago I wrote a skit based, rather bizarrely, around the 200 kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls and British pop star, Olly Murs.

This was perceived by one rather irate gentleman as being in some way racist and in poor taste. The latter may well be true, the former most certainly is not! In point of fact I am about as far from being racist as it’s possible to get to be brutally candid with you. Allow me give you a few details if I may:

My late father was imprisoned in apartheid South Africa for his outspoken views on that hateful, oppressive regime and brought me up to respect people as a whole, no matter what their ethnicity or the colour of their skin. I have adhered to his teachings throughout my entire life and shall continue to do so.

Down the years I have had the enormous…

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