From the native girls I sought comfort

After having sailed the seven seas

Yet when I first cast my eyes on Matilda

Her beauty brought me to my knees


Of course that was so long ago now

The year 1925

But my time with the lovely Matilda

Was the only time that I felt alive


I courted, wined and dined her

From Saigon to old Mandalay

On horseback across the Silk Road

Returning to Famagusta Bay


From there we headed to Paris

By Orient Express that is plain

And a garret we shared overlooking

That river of romance, The Seine


While I took to writing and drinking

She made for herself a career

Singing the blues in Montmartre nightclubs

1925 what a year


My lifestyle was a downhill slalom

Not fulfilling my lovers needs

Matilda was out singing the blues all hours

In her trademark costume of just beads


That is when I became rather jealous

Of the gentlemen friends she acquired

With me in my cups most times

And as a writer no longer inspired


She left me of course for another

A diplomat from Washington DC

Together they crossed the Atlantic

Matilda was thus free of me


Over time the wound never healed

Although I still remained a man of deeds

So I traced the path that she had travelled

And strangled her with her own beads


I made haste for the Tropic of Cancer

Crossed the Arabian Sea

Carved out a new life in Chittagong

But of Matilda I was never free


But hey I’m not complaining

For the last sixty years I’ve been blessed

With a cast of much younger lovers

Prepared to shag an old man in a string vest!






23 thoughts on “HER TRADEMARK COSTUME OF JUST BEADS – A verse of lunacy!

    1. Cheers – I used to do a lot of these with ‘sick’ endings. Must dig some of them up again as they were around the time I started blogging! Regardless I appreciate your comment very much.

      1. Don’t be …. the characters sometimes do things that the authors cannot control….. We simply tell their stories…

      1. What? NOOOOOOOOO! She is a strong enough character to have her own adventures. (But that doesn’t mean he can’t try and think he got away with it, right?)

      2. I’m still thinking long and hard about a ‘epic’ Carruthers post. Might get the next week – the idea for it is still not there but I’m working on it.

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