Wild geese and silver

Artefacts of lace

Golden thorns and citadels

Conjured my fall from grace


As an aspirin to the terminal

You offered some release no cure

In the armour of your blind faith in me

Served up as haute couture


Crocodile tears and champagne

Spell insincerity

Pinched flesh at the margins

Define your destiny


Fragments of my sanity

Followed on behind

A frozen retreat from Stalingrad

I note your letter went unsigned



      1. It is great to have a biggest fan – much appreciated. However I just wish I could get myself organised as you do with your stupendous blog. As I have said previously yours is like a quality mag with features appearing regularly on the same day each week. Thus it is comfortable in format notwithstanding the edge you add to specific posts. I rather like that. Mine is more like lead pellets sprayed all about the place by those who shoot pheasants!

      2. LOL! No it isn’t! You post most weekdays with a numerous anecdote every day as well as a very clever and often serious poem three or more times a week and often a witty short written about a funny photo. I love your work!!!

      3. Cheers Rachel – appreciated. I’m being shouted at now as if I stay on the PC any longer we’ll miss our ferry and thus miss lunch and shopping in France! Must go before she gets fierce! Have a great day – I’ll be back posting in the morning.

    1. Cheers. And by the way I will ensure that having read your blogs and as ever enjoyed them I will get a tad more efficient with the old admin. George tells me that my lap top – not that old and quite expensive with a thing called a 4gb ram (?) – has been effectively ruined because of my lack of know how to the extent that it is now probably the slowest, most crap one on the planet.

      1. Well, if George gets on your back to much, perhaps you should do a piece about him 30 years from now, as he’s trying to cope with that time’s technology;)

      2. Bloody right – although he seems to take to these things so bloody easily. Basically all I know is how to use Word/Spreadsheets/Publisher and that’s about it.

    1. Odd how when one writes one piece and is left with a feeling of melancholy the piece that follows carries the theme forward – best I stick to satire methinks! Thank you for the comment – appreciated.

      1. Often it is the state of the writers muse that insists on the story being told….. The writers are merely instruments of the muse’s will, an extension……

      2. Interesting as this is all new to this old fool. Only been writing stuff like this a short time and it certainly plays around with the inside of my skull – fun though. Thanks for the comment.

  1. Mike you are an absolute genius, I got a blogger award thingy. I had to nominate you as you just make me laugh so much, your writing is inspired. If you fancy taking up/participating in it, the ‘thingy’ is ‘Influential Blogger Award’ and the details are on my page You also get to post a superman badge…Lol, God only knows what avenues you will take us down on that one! hugs Eily x

    1. Thank you Eily Nash. Never been called a ‘genius’ previously – I’m more used to arguably rude names! Please, please do not think the worse of me for not participating yet I genuinely do not wish to be taken seriously for I am but a Jack of all Trades/Master of none. If I were influential at anything they’d probably lock me away. The Superman ‘badge’ does have some appeal so I might just dig him out again for another skit and dedicated to you for your kindness! As soon as I think one up I will post it.

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