An angel in

Provocative lingerie

Dubious souls to entice

She beds the ones

Deemed fit for


In mitigation

It is her only vice

Judge her morals thus


My lover

In camera

An undraped silhouette

Casts a mouth-watering shadow

Under the poverty

Of an unshaded

Bare bulb

An amatorial

Fleshy muse

All told



Locked inside an egg

Cannot break

The outer shell


Like it or not

A shattering of


And I am free



About the coral reef

A carnivore craves

An exotic feed

A cocktail

A fusion of marine life

To fill on


The angel

My lover

Canine teeth

Both are carnivores

By pursuit

Or by craving


I conjured this dream

In full HD video

From the cavern of

My skull

A library of sorts

It played back

As a nightmare

These things happen


      1. Cheers – we’ve been a bit quiet for a few days as we’ve all been doing odd things (I’ve been in France eating cheese for example) but glad you like it. Danny Soz the prime mover is an absolute genius who puts me to shame.

    1. Very hot indeed – we had a splendid lunch in Boulogne then walked the Old Town. A bit a shopping – wines/cheeses. Yes a really good day all told – knackering though.

      1. I think Shirley posted a few pics on Facebook. France had a public holiday that day and it was American themed as a thank you for D-Day – I noticed they weren’t saying thank you in the celebrations to the Brits who made up a large percentage of the armed forces that day! Weird. George has now finished and should find out what level of degree he’s got on the 1st July (they’ve brought it forward). He is in a state of panic/stress presently as he has realized the real world starts now. He is concerned that as an anti-social, non drinker; non smoker; non swearer etc he now has to change things to start life away from education when, as he freely admits, in his mind he still feels 16!

      2. That still blows my mind that you get a surprise with the type of degree you get there. George seems like a really sweet kid…or rather young man. I know you’re so proud of him and rightfully so. I’ll check out Shirley’s FB. That’s really weird about the D-Day celebration avoiding the Brits, especially in light of you guys being hit so hard with the bombings at the time as well as being there to fight. I’ve told Jeremy to keep an eye out for G on FB if he ever wants to talk music with someone. We had a flood recently where our A/C hose was blocked and it nearly ruined J’s studio and we had to take out all the soundproofing and remove the carpet. While he was at the other studio where he works weekends a couple weeks back, I reinstalled all the soundproofing so he’s excited about recording here again. But business is good for him, I’d say. I’m sure G will do well once he gets started.

      3. The thing is the better the degree the more doors open for him – he thinks he may have done enough to get a good, possibly a really good one. He’s popular with his friends back in Devon and has a great sense of humour which I hope sees him through – just he cannot stand pubs/clubs/parties etc. A totally committed artist – even composing on some interesting analogue things as I write. The time is right for him to contact Jeremy (and do thank Jeremy for showing an interest) and learn from someone out there what things can be done in the real world. Sorry to hear about your flood – sound like you’ve another post there?

      4. LOL! No, people around here get sick of me posting about my air conditioner while they’re freezing. 😀 You’ll find J on my FB and can tell G to look for him there. By the time they’re done talking, J will have convinced him to come stay with us for a month or two while he takes him to the studio and gets him started mixing artists. Then if he’s as hooked on his music as J is, you’ll be lucky to get him back. 🙂

      5. Thank you for the info. I get the feeling G is coming out of the introspective mood he has been in since it dawned on him that he is no longer institutionalized in education – he’s even composing again. I’ll have a word with him a little later today – again thank you for your ideas and effort with this.

      6. I reminded J again to keep watching for him. When I told him how you described G, he said, “Oh, he sounds like me.” 🙂 I told him I told you we’d have G here in no time and make a Florida boy out of him and J laughed and said, “Yeah, that sounds about right.” LOL! (He’s always bringing kids home to live here for a month or two while he works with them.)

  1. “I conjured this dream

    In full HD video”

    Guess you’re not as inept with modern technology as you so often claim;)
    Great work of art I must say. I’m sure Dali would have appreciated this!

    1. As an avid fan of The Arsenal full HD video via TV is crucial when a live game is on – that is the only reason I know of it if the truth be told! You are right though in that usually I wouldn’t have had a clue.

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