“Gosh and golly’ said Jilly

Wistfully one day

That magic genie gave me just one wish

And I thought, “Hey I don’t have to pray


For the very thing I’ve hankered after

For so many years

My dream in fact, my one desire

And said genie is all ears”


That is when Jilly asked him

For her hearts desire

Which was to shag Elvis Presley

And thus quench her lustful fire


Yet once her wish was granted

She thought, “What a to-do

For I’ve been sent his skeleton

And that I cannot screw”


So the moral of Jilly’s tale

If a genie grants you a wish thus

Is to be careful and choose a live celebrity

And then there will be no fuss!



28 thoughts on “JILLY’S DILEMMA!

    1. Truly very kind of you and much appreciated. Please do not think the less of me if I don’t run with this award. It is only that the main ‘tag’ I live by – especially so when blogging is that I don’t wish to be taken seriously for I am merely an old fool. However, once again my heartfelt thanks. You have a great, smooth and inspiring blog I enjoy reading very much and it is to proper bloggers like you that awards are deserved.

      1. Thank you! How lovely 🙂 That’s okay, I just wanted all of you to know that I love your blogs. Ah, it’s a lovely little community all the same.

      2. You are correct it is a community and a good one at that – there is so much writing talent within – not least you! Keep the posts coming I enjoy them.

    1. I’m guessing here that even the most dedicated necrophiliac would maybe have second thoughts re Elvis Presley’s skeleton – bloody good point you make though! Nice one.

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