In the days before zero

‘Nothing’ was impossible…..


There is little so spiteful

As unpardonable eyes

Darting as if to bond

Objects of perceived distain

And ridicule together


As would an enthused

Hasty playwright’s quill

Upon parchment

To screech toward the final act


And behind those eyes

The merest hint of a smirk 

One of accomplished satisfaction

Conveying a heartless message

Subliminally yet

With the clarity

Of a waspish bard’s tongue

Equally and eloquently insulting


I took note

Of what others around about

Completely missed

And was cut to the quick

For such visual text

Was for my benefit



A line is crossed

When one of mine

Is reviled thus


A long time comrade

In an instant

Becomes an adversary

It will take the

Consummate intermediary

To broker accord


The perpetrator

Knows my stance

It is our small secret

She and I


In the days before zero

‘Nothing’ was impossible



29 thoughts on “IN THE DAYS BEFORE ZERO

      1. Idiots are SO delicious!!! But you are correct: writing is a great way to express/relieve anger and other strong emotions. And it involves less jail time than cannibalism. 😀

    1. The demented sane – love it! Very real anger released in words rather than fists to a manic depressive is a thing this blogging thing has aided me with. Boy was I angry when the person the eye language sought to destroy was thrust into me in the full knowledge of the pain it would cause. Point scoring at its worst – and that person was 100% wrong about the one they would destroy. I rarely write in the present. Thanks for the comment – as ever appreciated.

      1. I’m glad. Yes, “words” can do so much. They can also dredge up anger when you thought you had none. That’s what I get more often than not lately. Who was this about, if it’s not too personal? It’s very edgy and biting. I hope, whoever she was, she reads it and weeps. How’s the house hunting?

      2. House hunting thus far – nothing matches what we have here by the sea. Basically we want the same house with a bigger south facing garden yet all the agents are showing us is stuff miles inland which is no good as we have to be no more than a mile from the sea. As to the poem I’ll email you the story behind it – that is your email address on the blog? It is a vaguely interesting tale but no for public consumption! Have a great day.

      3. I’ll drop you a line on the email a little later. Being thick as I am what is a hydroponic garden – is it a place where scantily clad Svetlana robots tend to plants?

      4. Hmm, I was thinking of a hot man in a loincloth named Sven. Hydroponics is basically a vertical garden. They have a bunch of planters that stack upward and they don’t really use soil.

      5. In fact Shirley told me what they were when I asked her yesterday. Her problem is that we are in a neo Georgian townhouse with a small garden. That fact that is small is a bit problematical as she is used to bigger gardens yet the curse is that ours faces north! Mind you she’s done a great job on what we have – I’ll get her to post some pics on Facebook.

      6. Those photos are STUNNING! I absolutely LOVE your yard. It’s so beautiful, yet also has privacy as well as the seating area. Whenever you find the house you’re looking for, you will have absolutely no problems selling that lovely home. Can you see the sea from the other side or do you have to walk a piece?

      7. The killer is that the little garden faces north which means no sun after late morning. We purchased this house in a hurry from an American who was returning to the States and the price he was selling at (because of the recession) was so cheap we had no choice but to buy it as an investment. It is just that back in Devon down in South West England Shirley had her big garden and that – now that George has finished university – is what she wants back. We love this house but not said garden. The sea we cannot see yet it is literally 300 yards away close to the very spot Julius Caesar invaded back in 55BC. We get to see France most days when the conditions are right which is a bonus I’m reluctant to give up.

      8. Oh, wow, that sounds amazing! Okay, so now I understand about the North-facing part. Do you have different times of year that housing availability gets better? For instance, here in Florida, we get a lot of people from the northern states that move here for the winter then go home in spring. So in March, there are a lot more places available than in December. Too bad you don’t just have a next door neighbor you could talk into moving, then take over their yard and add to your garden right there.

      9. Deal is a town where a lot of people from London buy holiday/weekend homes. The property market in the UK is booming again so many houses are only on the market for a couple of days. We are looking at a place today that ticks all the boxes in a village yet still near the sea. Only problem is that it is probably over priced yet then again ours has just been valued at more than I thought it was worth so we’ll see how it goes and hopefully Shirley will have a worthwhile garden once again – thankfully we don’t get snakes like you do.

      10. LOL! Yeah, the snakes do make it a bit scary to walk around in the dark. The alligators, too. Well, I hope you have good luck with this one. With both the price as well as the location and size. Please keep me posted! 🙂

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