Nothing is so precious

So complete

That it cannot be undone

By harsh words

By the dagger

By a season’s change

By telling glance

Such a thing

May fall apart


Have your ruins

Treasures and antiquities

Read memoirs

Delight in the mythology

That unfolds


That I cannot own

What you would seek

Fret not

That is not your cut anyway


I mislay my courage

Yet I do not grieve

An angry monument

Formed of sandstone

Worn down ever so slowly

By the persistent winds of time

That is all I am


How feeble history

Whose advocate’s champion

A supposed worth

In review

A foolishly conceived stance

Such lessons lost on us

On lovers

We would have it

No other way


Best is remote

Never forefront

Never platinum

Never meteoric


My meagre offering

Cannot best

Artefacts and ruins


That which I tender

Bereft of ostentation

Is worthless

So insignificant that

As lovers

We treasure it



    1. It cheered the wife up as I’ve been as miserable as sin of late. By the way she still reads your poetry whilst cooking each evening. It seems to have become a habit she enjoys a lot.

    1. Thank you for that. I love the period between to two wars. Paris, Vienna even Cairo. A classic period of philosophy, politics, art, romance with a dark cloud lurking in the wings. Even in the knowledge that that cloud was there I feel that I should have been born and lived in that earlier time.

  1. Maybe you did and that why you have the fascination for that epoch;) I really do love film noir and the whole ‘essence’ from the 40’s and 50’s. Your words were very evocative Mike. Enjoy your weekend with your lady:)

    1. Cheers – we are house hunting in a market where every decent property is sold at the drop of a hat so a tad stressful methinks. That period during the 1920’s and 1930’s is my dream. Hemingway on the Left Bank in Paris as written by him as a young man in the biographical book ‘A Moveable Feast’ covers it all. Have a fine weekend yourself as I shall sign off until Monday hoping the my block on lunacy has gone by then.

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