Between the two world wars

Hustle and bustle

And open doors


The old walled city

Of a thousand minarets

About the great Citadel

Of so very few regrets


Sublime Islamic creations

Upon which greedy eyes must feast

Tobacco burning in a sheesha

The naïve one will get fleeced


Pickpockets and charlatans

The thrill of both threat and romance

Heaven there and hell as well

The humility of the dervish dance


Backgammon and dominoes

Within the ancient bazaar

A beauty from England’s shires in

The Ambassador’s open top car


Just a discreet driver and Matilda

A governmental spouse

On her way to a clandestine meeting up

With yours truly in a squalid mud brick house


I am the black sheep of the Empire

The one that got away

She is mine tonight and most nights

For I have led her astray


Such is the power of lust

To entice Matilda so very bored

Anxious to embrace intimacy

Away from the prying eyes of her lord


And master, the top envoy

And thus she seeks my bed

Who am I to refuse her

Or the sustenance of pink flesh over flat bread


Of course the affair was temporary

It well suited us both that way

Ripped clothes, a mattress on the floor

Me the hunter she the prey


Gossip and rumours did for us

And as such she falls from grace

For my part I shall do a runner

Thus helping her save face


Traders banter, traders barter

Selling all there is to sell

Steeped black tea with sugar cane

Cairo I bid my sad farewell





      1. Yes, I agree! Did you see the movie Changeling with Angelina Jolie? That’s from around that time period and is also a true story. I think they captured the time very well as far as all the details. And your poem is just superb! 🙂

      2. Not seen it Rachel but will make a point of downloading it. Lately so engrossed in blogging am I that I haven’t even read a book in months when I used to read at least one a week – shameful on my part!

      3. I haven’t read much lately, either. Or slept. I think your black dog is visiting me. Ugh! Changeling is a true story about a woman whose kid disappears around the 1920s and the police find a runaway kid and try to convince the woman he is her son. It’s not only a good movie, but it’s a remarkable period piece. As for books, I just thought of yet another story today. That makes 5 I have on the back burner and can’t start writing until I get the rest of these edited. But if you ever want to read any of them, I’ll be happy to share them with you. But they’re kind of dark, so I understand if you don’t want to and I won’t be offended. 🙂 Hopefully, you’ll find a house soon and get moved (UGH!) and then have more free time to play and sleep! 😀

      4. Shirley particularly likes dark stuff – I shall have to tell her for she is a 3 book a week girl! I think right now I’m planning things blog wise much better – decided to give up posting at weekends so that I can write when the fancy takes me thus taking the weekday pressure off. The pressure bit was making me see blogging as a chore – now the old head feels a bit clearer. Might even find time to watch a movie like the one you suggested or read a book again.

      5. Yeah, that’s why I really only blog Monday through Thursday. It’s like a second job otherwise. Even just answering everyone. Of course I love talking with you, so that’s not work, but fun. I have about a dozen or so people who I really like to read, but it’s otherwise time consuming and I get to resenting it sometimes when I really feel more like editing or writing. Tell Shirley I’ve got 3 books just about as finalized as I think they’ll ever be, if she wants to look at any of them. I hope to be trying my hand at getting an agent before the end of summer. Have you taken the grandkids to see Maleficent yet? (Or is it even out there yet?) I’m not normally a Disney movie type of person, but it is phenomenal. I’m glad you’re feeling better about blogging. 😀

      6. Don’t know that movie at all! I mentioned your books to Shirley over the weekend – she love a jolly good read.
        I have got a lot of stuff for my own blog written up including a two part Jessica Downlow! You are right about blogging. I have about 15-20 I particularly like and read avidly – it does take up time yet it would be rude not to read them, plus the fact I enjoy them.

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