A token, a gift, a cameo

They all fuel travel backwards in time

A look over your shoulder

To reminisce both the sublime and the crime


I depart the Express where I chose to

My destination long since freeze-framed

No blind pin prick on any old map

To an era that even now remains untamed


Be it Paris, Berlin or New York

1920’s or 30’s or when

The shape of my being was moulded

By both fools and the wisest of men


One man I met sought the comfort

Of a beautiful haunting violin

Although he never could quite master the bow

He enjoyed it yet thought it a sin


That those that he derided were artists

And like Herod so long ago

He determined he would kill all the first born

Burn them or let them freeze in the snow


That is the nub of the hardship

This time traveller now has to face

Buying a ticket to a place named ‘Memory’

You can end up in a very dark place


Where the lessons of history kick you

Smack in the balls; a disgrace

That what happened then still happens now

The victims lost in time and in space



  1. Another great reference to a time I believe has a special place in your heart (not your memory, because I don’t think you’re THAT old;))…The first two lines alone could/should become one of those one-liners everybody will know 100 years from now.

    1. I enjoyed writing this one oddly as poetry from being a thing I could knock out in 5 minutes when I started blogging now makes/forces me to over think sometimes.

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