Was there a clause in my contract of life

That said you could piss on my grave?

What were the clues that I left behind?

What was it you said I could save?


Who let this prisoner out of the cage?

How did they find the right key?

I thought that you had it locked up and secured

You really need not have passed that decree


Like the angel of death and the gypsy boy

You are the nightmare forgotten too soon

A nurse without a sick patient to tend

An open door to a dubious room


Gone are those days of your glory

Gone are the ties that did bind

Love can now come out of hiding

To this fact the culprits remain blind


Yet you pulled the cord then turned up the heat

But where are you lurking right now?

You sunk to new depths; marked all our cards

Little wonder you won anyhow


Shot from close range; a random bullet?

By the mute who had something to say

You are the Venus fly trap who has given up flesh

Yet still toxic in your own way




      1. Thanks for that – means a lot when proper writers, albeit of different genres compliment thus. It helps on the days when the page is blank.

      2. You’re very welcome. The outings of you and inspiredbythedivine in particular help me in my own writing (tomorrow’s post was inspired by you forgetting a password last week, actually;))

      3. So you’re going the demented old twat route then? I only say that because that’s what Shirl calls me from time to time insofar as I can remember!

      4. Well, not really. Tomorrow will be a post about how passwords evolved over the last 20 years or so (it actually sounds quite boring now that I think about it…but maybe it’ll be somewhat interesting considering it’ll be a beaver doing the talking;))

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