Eleven ravens for

The magician’s top hat

He who once was

The most sublime wizard


Real magic back then

Before they cut down

The emerald forest

And stole immortality


Aging fast now

In the concrete

Sea of despair

Readying himself

For the next show

A fix of nicotine

Maybe a shot of Talisker

That should help

With stage fright


He prefers rehearsal

An empty theatre

Has no ego to tame


He ruminates

Dreams of the days

When he could conjure

Out of thin air

Rather than thieve

Those eleven ravens



      1. I somehow found myself wishing for the older less complicated times…… I think I like your demented poetry a little too much… 😛

      2. I think that at a time when there was little knowledge of things and people had to rely on guess work then the concept of ‘magic’ was very real. Both good and bad came out of that yet I agree that there was a certain simplicity that has appeal for the would be time traveler.

      3. What I timely reply for I am at my wits end re the ‘complications’ of posting on WordPress! Things seem to have changed beyond the limited skills of this old fool……..heads butts the wall and utters words not fit for the company of young gals.

  1. “An empty theatre

    Has no ego to tame”

    Sentences like that just blow my mind with their beauty and absolute truth. My best friend is very good at acting (and also writing actually) but she does have a bit of stage fright. I somehow feel this one line could help her out in that respect.

  2. Ode to Sir Mike:

    Your poetry,
    dear sir,
    once again
    and astounds me.

    The light
    of your soul
    shines through
    like the brightest star
    on a dark night.

    I loved it! 😀

    1. Cheers Rachel – what a cracking poem you wrote there. I shall have a spring in my step all day. Mind others may think me odd walking in such a strange way.

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