The sortilege of the pathway

Toward my crooked lodge

Converted into an Art Deco dream

Yet one with her ghost to dodge


Her apparition still in residence

Her manifestations I have seen them all

In the kitchen and the drawing room

In the bedroom most of all


I have never sought an audience

To my boudoir activities

Yet the spectre of Alexandra

Has almost brought me to my knees


You see I was devoted to this angel

And knew her husband well

Although when I became her lover

She was less Madam more Mademoiselle


Yet she did risk her spouse’s fortunes

Would that he discover our tryst

For I was little more than a pauper then

And of Alexandra was obsessed


When rumour turned to gossip

And gossip turned to proof

That she and I were lovers

Said husband hit the roof


He had henchmen track us covertly

To my captivating lodge

Where they discovered us in coital bliss

And a bullet I did dodge


Not so poor Alexandra

A direct hit through her heart

And although they gave a worthy chase

Away from them I did dart


Alexandra was my sweetheart

I still see her in her summer dress

Sadly not a mortal now

And my passion for her I should repress


For my current wife found me caressing

Alexandra’s ghost; to her a sin

She had them put me in a strait-jacket

And sent to the loony bin


And even though they have me chained

And caged inside my cell

It is here Alexandra visits me

So my wife can go to fucking Hell!




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