This early morn

In a fragment of a dream

Called to mind

Soon forgotten

The owl returned


Gave me a backward glance

Then flew away


The mischief was done

The august silent

Slayer of the darkness

In an instant

Stole my eyes

Left me with just

Vacant sockets


I could still feel

Smell and hear

And think

But no longer could I see


Fumbling for my blind destiny

I died upon a

Pine forest floor

A carpet of

Razor sharp

Charity shop

Cast off cones

My mattress

The circle of

Salivating wolves

My pallbearers


The Succubus read

My eulogy

She told lie after lie

A demented cackle

It mattered not

Only the moon mourned my passing


I knew this would happen

The day the owl returned



18 thoughts on “THE DAY THE OWL RETURNED

      1. Great animals. Without them, we’d have a lot more rodents to worry about. I also think they’re quite majestic and beautiful, just not in your brain. Just watched a version of “Dracula” by Dario Argento. In it, Dracula turns into a big owl, as well as a few other night animals. I thought that was interesting. Wish I could do it. 😀

      2. Well that’s me fucked tonight – I feel another nightmare coming on. You are right though owls are a bit special. As a kid I went to some school thing where they asked us all to shut our eyes while they let an owl fly from one side of a barn to the other. We never heard it in flight as it makes not a sound – what a predator.

    1. Sounds like a cocktail in a posh bar! “Excuse me bartender could you knock me up a swift ‘Death by Owl’ please.” I wonder what would fill that concoction?

    1. Cheers Sir – any news on what that plant was on your blog from the other day. The wife asked me if you’d discovered what it was? She’s a heart of gold but like a dog with a bone when it comes to plants and wildlife. Best of luck.

    1. Thanks for reading it. I added the photo after the event. I find that there is a cure to an occasional mood swing toward the melancholy that can be achieved by writing down one’s thoughts. I wish I had discovered this many years ago!

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