What I have here is one of many lyrics my son George has written. He has just finished University gaining a ‘first’ in Music Technology and whilst the link below is only for a demo version of the melody the lyric is set to I rather like it and thought it worth sharing here on WordPress. Inevitably George doesn’t as it is not mastered yet and is essentially an acoustic piece that has only been posted to Soundcloud as that is Uni procedure.  George writes both words and music, performs, plays all the instruments as well as mixing and mastering all his own work and I’m proud of the little bugger.  


Storm clouds on the horizon,

No red sky tonight,

The wind blows away the magic,

Of a starry, starry night.  


Melissa cries for Candy,

Candy dreams of John,

John is suicidal,

On how it all went wrong?  


Larry plays the old guitar,

Kate the mandolin,

And Finn plays the accordion,

They’re busking in Berlin.


It’s a game of names and fortunes,

A game played out in time,

A game of life that ends in death,

A mountain we must climb.  


And John’s looking out for Sally,

Candy’s dreaming on,

Melissa took an overdose,

She does not belong here.  


Larry plays the old guitar,

Kate the mandolin,

And Finn plays the accordion,

They’re busking in Berlin.  


Candy is the blinkered one,

John has the broken heart,

Larry’s getting on with life,

Melissa fell apart – she fell apart; she fell apart  


Finn, she won a battle,

Kate, she lost a war,

Candy is still dreaming of,

What we fighting for?  


Storm clouds on the horizon,

No red sky tonight,

The wind blows away the magic,

Of a starry, starry night.  


Larry plays the old guitar,

Kate the mandolin,

And Finn plays the accordion,

They’re busking in Berlin, they’re busking in Berlin.


28 thoughts on “BUSKING IN BERLIN

  1. Absolutely wonderful. I’m a great fan of folk music and such. This reminds me of something Woody Guthrie might have written or Lead Belly, with a slower cadence than his usual melodies. Superb.

  2. So glad to know that you know Woody and Huddie. I remember how proud that I was of my son. I felt that I had achieved something and his life would always be better than mine. Little bastard went off to Cambodia, messed about in Laos and Vietnam. He spent two years in Oz. He is a bum with a degree who likes beaches and girls. There are quite a few pictures on Facebook of a girl prancing around a sand drawing of his penis, apparently it is bigger than mine. I am just waiting for the tide to come in. 🙂 I get that you love your son.

    1. Cheers Sir – beaches and girls sounds idyllic but I get what you mean. Regardless we all want our offspring to improve on what we, the parents had. Never a truer word.

  3. WOW, WOW, WOW!!! What a talented young man you have on your hands! I love your Proud Papa post and I love this song! He has a great voice! And he has your awesome talent for lyric as well! YAY! ❤ Thank you for sharing!

    1. Cheers – he is not pleased with his voice but I like it. On his electronic music he can hold the high notes well. He just needs to appreciate he offers the whole package.

      1. He sounds wonderful! When I played it, I immediately thought of Julian Lennon. My sister heard and asked if it was a certain musician I used to date – who by the way, sounded exactly like Julian Lennon. However, his not being pleased is the mark of a true musician. I do NOT mean to sound like a pervert when I say that he has a very sexy voice. Of all the professional musicians I’ve known, if it’s a superb concert, yet they hit one slightly wrong note that the audience wouldn’t even have likely noticed, they focus on only that bad not the entire rest of the night (or longer) rather than seeing it was a great show. Jeremy’s the same way with his work.

      2. He’s actually got all his uni stuff on Soundcloud now including an instrumental concept album charting a fictional story he wrote about the mafia plus another few regular songs that are not all acoustic. He didn’t like the fact they got him to post them there as basically they are all in demo format and like your lad he is a perfectionist. The thing is sometimes a demo can sound ok to the listener and I think he misses that point.

      3. Well, tell him I said so. Maybe he’ll believe it if someone other than Mom or Dad say so. I said as much on his SoundCloud message. I think some of Jeremy’s stuff is still on there as well. Perhaps one day they’ll hook up there and actually speak.

      4. You are right – I think the web things he is planning should give him some followers as nothing can happen without that. He is working every hour there is composing even now.

      5. Excellent! He’s definitely off to a great start. When Jeremy started a few years ago, he was into Christian HipHop and Rap. He booked himself to several churches and got a little following going. Then he hooked up with another artist and started booking gigs at a few boys’ prisons. Then he found some local (within an hour or two form here) coffee houses and such where people could perform or they had “open mic nights” where he’d perform. Then he started with secular music and got more into the mixing side of things than performing or recording, but still, the experience was there. He made 3 or 4 CD’s before he started mostly mixing and had quite a nice fanbase for having only been a young teenager at the time. If there are any clubs that feature live music near you, that would definitely be a place to showcase his talent, and if he has any or can make any local friends who have been mixing for long, they should also be able to point him in the right direction. Your lad has definitely got talent!

      6. That is most interesting. Were we back in Devon George could go that route as all his friends live there, or have gone off to study at various places across the UK from there. Even at university here in Kent he was one of the very few English as first language speakers the vast majority of the students being the son’s of very rich Russian’s and Germans. Annoyingly for him the uni boasts a 70% female student ratio yet the only girl in his entire year was a tattooed, heavily pierced lesbian. Dashed bad luck really so basically aside from Liz a Ghanaian friend (who has since moved to London) he has not made friends in this area. He and his Devon group of like minded chat online the whole time so he is not short of company. He played lead guitar in bands in Devon but does not see any future in performing so he will have to get ‘followers’ online – or at least that’s what he’s planning. He is though on the cusp of giving up social media like Facebook completely as he loathes what he calls the ‘rubbish’ people post. He doesn’t want much does he? He does seem to be formulating a plan to work for himself though – just won’t let on what it is yet which is fair enough because I’d probably interfere if he did let on.

      7. Perhaps the school needed a lesson in math! Don’t you cringe when you look back to that age and remember how you thought you knew everything? I guess soon enough, he’ll figure that while he may hate Facebook, he’ll definitely need to use it to promote himself. It seems every entity uses it these days for something or other.

        Last year when Jeremy mixed a CD for some girl, he figured out how to “tag” her song videos that he uploaded on YouTube in such a way that she got several thousand hits within a couple of weeks, and a short time later, she was contacted by a producer in Hollywood, and they flew Jeremy and the girl out there. Jeremy stayed a month and the girl stayed several months, and I think she only came home because the producer wanted to make too many changes to her music so she backed out of the contract. At any rate, social media will be his best friend if he uses it correctly.

      8. I think he will have to revise his view of Facebook. Mind you if Jeremy is a marketing man as well as an accomplished producer one wonders what his rates would be to market George – who has already got fine film making and web design (HTML5) skills from his media studies a while back (an award plus another grade A the jammy little git). Just a thought anyway.

      9. Well, if we can ever get them on Facebook to actually chat, I’m sure they could work something out. I really bet they would both benefit from knowing each other. Wow, George really knows his media! I’m impressed!

  4. so glad you shared this wonderful piece of work – the world has great things in store for such talent – forgive me for saying God bless your accomplished young man in all that he endeavors

  5. Absolutely love this! You must be very proud! I enjoyed the way the folk sound was aided by an air of dreamyness, combined with beautiful lyrics and a voice that really brings out their poignancy in my opinion…If George is okay with it, please post more of his stuff on your site!

    1. Cheers – getting G to agree is not always easy as he wants mastered, not demo music out there but I have noted there are a few others he put on Soundcloud under his name George Blamey-Steeden; under George Blamey-s and also under Jorj. I noted the Erasing the 38th (about North Korea) isn’t there which is annoying as I think you would appreciate that song more than most. I shall work on him – he’s avoiding me a bit presently because I keep mentioning the JOB word.

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