One I made earlier for The League of Mental Men.



  1. I just LOVE when our own Sir Mike writes for the LOMM…. the entire LEAGUE of those Mental Men, mind you, not just a handful. WONDERFUL story! I hope Marigold is a repeat performer! 😀

    1. Marigold came to me in a flash whilst working out on the cross trainer – couldn’t wait to get showered and write her sorry tale. Also you are right – bit like Jonny the plumber – I can put a dyslexic into any number of awkward jobs. By the way WordPress have done it again! The ‘blogs I follow’ reader thing is missing ten hours of posts this morning meaning a number of bloggers I normally read and comment upon will consider me ill mannered! Bloody nuisance I say.

      1. Oh, dear! That’s just insane! I take it you were on the cross trainer because you were afraid to walk down on the beach due to the nude Germans? 😉 Yes, she should definitely be recurring. She’s awesome! I’ve heard others with the same complaint about the reader limiting what it shows. I hope they get everything uniform again, soon. Good grief! 🙂

      2. I the mornings – every morning inc Christmas I do 12k on the cross trainer – being a diabetic who controls the condition through diet it helps keep blood sugar levels just right. And yes this WordPress thing is a nuisance. I mean blogs like yours, Paul Lenzi, Lennard, Clive etc. I know the addresses for but there are many others I actively read yet now cannot for reasons outside of my control!

      3. Wow, 12K is very impressive indeed! So when you go on holiday, do you just substitute walking those days? Or must you always find a hotel with a gym? Last year I was walking 5 miles a day but it rains here so often, not to mention the extreme heat and mosquitoes, that my sister and I ended up purchasing treadmills. Though I still miss walking outside because there isn’t the distraction of the TV, the A/C, the phone, etc., and it’s a good time to think and reflect… Unless you’re being swarmed with mosquitoes or ready to pass out from a heat stroke.

        What on-line browser do you use? Perhaps it has a folder you can make in “Favorites” where you can bookmark your favorite blogs and then you won’t have to fret over missing anything. Just a thought.

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