Letters To LOMM: Double Missive Spectacular!

Insane satire at its very best.

The League of Mental Men!


Dear League Of Mental Men

In order to reduce my car insurance premium, I pretended to be a woman and took out a policy with Drive Like A Girl Ltd. As a prerequisite of getting a cheaper premium I had to have a sensor linked up to my car’s Electronic Control Unit, which would then monitor my driving habits, average speed, gear selection,braking pressures etc.

Imagine my annoyance when I then discovered that I had completely lost the ability to reverse into small parking spaces and that every 28 days I would drive with the window down so that I could make obscene hand gestures and scream hysterical abuse at other road users.

Bob Fuck (Mrs)



Dear League Of Mental Men

Reluctant organ donors

In order to deter unscrupulous medics from harvesting your innards during a post mortem, simply swallow a number of mousetraps just before your death.

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