THE SAD DEMISE OF BRIAN THE BULL! A piece of silly verse


I knew a beast called Brian once

To him I made a marriage vow

You see Brian is a massive bull

And I’m a Guernsey cow


Yet I could never trust Brian

He had a roving eye

Chased after all the other girls

Leaving me alone to cry


You see Brian the wayward bovine

He kept a harem numbering fifty

Even kept them satisfied

Although to my taste he was somewhat nifty


Never mind Brian’s gone now

Put his back out mounting Sheila

A harlot of a Friesian

Yet he did his best to please her


Farmer Giles was quite upset

To see his prize breeder suffer ache

So he sent him to the abattoir

To be turned into rump steak



14 thoughts on “THE SAD DEMISE OF BRIAN THE BULL! A piece of silly verse

    1. Thankfully – and as a veggie – I never have been to one. Although in a former life my favourite steak – philistine I know – was rump with fat still intact to be consumed with glee.

  1. They say love hurts. Never bothered to look at it from an animal’s perspective, but it would seem it’s true for them as well. I’m making meat balls tonight and will think of your work no doubt!

      1. I’m guessing that would be better by email – I am on the case re my rustic interpretations of classic dishes from the Indian sub continent.

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