The Emperor had spent a small fortune on the new kit for his ladies national football team. As the girls took to the pitch for the first game of the season he reflected upon the fact that it was money well spent – such sublimely gorgeous outfits. What with the merchandising income that would inevitably follow he felt rather chuffed if the truth be told.


33 thoughts on “THE EMPEROR’S NEW KIT

      1. One day I shall ‘reblog’ the stories of my mother’s amazing germ phobias and the sad, yet with the passage of time funny effect they had on my teenage/early adult years. You’ll probably cry though – in a nice way of course – most do!

    1. Don’t say kilts for we have The Commonwealth Games starting in Glasgow tonight and it has taken over all media! That aside he did make a rather fine choice – I’d even buy a season ticket!

      1. Hold up dear – I’m not a very well educated Emperor you know! ………rushes off for the translator………will return by dawns first light……..puffed out…….! Cheers young lady.

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