Scottish Devolutionists Call For “Alcoholism And Vagrancy Games” in 2015

I was going with a rather gentle, smoothly crafted post of my own (earwig tethering was the subject matter) this evening then spotted this one penned by Lord Daniel Soz 7th. Earl of Whitechapel and was compelled to ‘reblog’ for it is better than mine!

The League of Mental Men!

drunk scot

A member of the Scotland team pictured doing a few stretching exercises prior to a training session last night.


Members of The Scottish Nationalists Party have announced plans to stage a Commonwealth Games style tournament which will represent the true spirit of the people of Scotland and their propensity towards heavy drinking should the nation vote for an Independent Scotland in the forthcoming referendum.

A preliminary itinerary of events has been agreed upon, and according to sources within the party, they will include:

The 100 metres stagger.  The blue riband event of the games in which 6 crack winos swill down 5 bottles of Thunderbird each before reeling along the white lines in the middle of a busy high street.

The 3000m Running Away From The Poliss Steeplechase – The most gruelling event of the entire games in which only the most dedicated and drink-ravaged of athletes will…

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