An appetite for subways

Excavated channels

Passageways taken by

Both the foolish and the brave

The desperate and the merchants

Thoroughfares through which

Idealists attempt to execute

Their ill-conceived goal

Tunnels of shelter also


How the earth quakes

Now that they have been found out

Yet does the punishment

Fit the perceived crime


As Herod to a

Generation of small boys

Slaughter them all to

Slaughter the One


A bright new nation

Born from the

Embers of persecution

Snuffs out the light of

Childish innocence

Of maternal protection

Of Joe Public

In Gaza


A bright new nation

Who those like me

We the ones who would

Offer up our lives

In order to ensure

Your continued being

Such is the shared guilt of

Recent Dante’esque history

Have the blood of the guiltless

On your manicured hands


That bright new nation

Must learn with haste

That there are

More ways than one

To crack a nut


This massacre of the blameless

Is a wicked thing indeed

The names of the criminals

For that is what they are

Are well known

Let history tag

Such wrong doings

‘Heartless in Gaza’



21 thoughts on “HEARTLESS IN GAZA

    1. You are plainly a man of compassion Sir. All of what is going on; what has gone on for centuries sickens me. Why are those of us who seek only peace never the victors?

      1. We are Sir,history is the definite proof.Who live by the sword perishes with the sword.Saddam Hussein,Hitler Moammer Khadafi ,Mosilinim Stalin,the Soviet Union ,the Berlin wall,Bin Laden,they were and never were at all.Peace always wins at the right time. Have a wonderful day.

    1. It really is akin to using a sledgehammer to crack a peanut shell. And yes there is guilt that I hope – yet doubt – that those accused will one day stand before the court in the Hague.

    1. I think sometimes one has to punch below the belt – i.e. the Herod comparison – in order to make a point. You are 100% right the slaughter of innocents anywhere, anytime is simply wrong.

  1. Perfectly said, Mike. We wonder here, “if they’ll ever get done”, and then, will there be anything left to fight over? Needless destruction and it’s all so very, very wrong!

  2. Best thoughts I heard on Gaza so far. This is one of those kind of works people 100 years from now might read and makes them think how brutal people in 2014 were, the same way we kinda think the reasons for WWI were silly at best. Your words are timeless…if only human beings could be the same:S

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