red head 2

Isobel first engaged with me

At a bar over Daiquiri’s

She was red headed and delicious

Yet prone to rage and fury’s


Not that that bothered me much though

As the girl was quite delightful

It was water off a duck’s back

On the days when she was spiteful


Yet one night in my garret

Overlooking the Eifel Tower

She became unnecessarily violent

Causing me to cower


You see that I had made mention

Of a redheads propensity to overreact

To anything and everything

That was said behind their back


A commotion of thoughts engulfed me

As I crouched down in fear

For I really shouldn’t have whispered

‘Never feed a redhead beer’


Of course I had only fed her beer

With a view to getting her tipsy

Easier to seduce that way

My lovely ginger gypsy


Fearing for my very life

I looked on as she grabbed the blade

With firm intent to stab me

And that is when I prayed


To the God of anything

Who might remove me from such plight

Me – an unarmed lothario

Likely won’t get his leg across this night


How very, very wrong I was

For I had overlooked her passion

And although taken back somewhat

When it came to sex she did not ration


Indeed quite the opposite

I’m a lucky man I can’t deny

For the upside to this story

Isobel was far from shy


Common decency means I shall refrain

From a ‘blow’ by ‘blow’ account

Of what followed next whilst in the sack

Her temper tantrum and more positions than I could count


By dawns first light; her still zonked out

I watched her and thought I might

Incite another bout of anger in her

For last night was worth my fright



19 thoughts on “ISOBEL WAS FAR FROM SHY

    1. I sometimes have the same thing, but I get the feeling my posts only don’t appear in my own reader, but that they do in that of others. Just thought I’d let you know;)

      1. The thing that amuses me – although I couldn’t live that way – is how, largely speaking and especially in Paris, how it is of no consequence and almost expected of them that both husband and wife should have lovers. These things are merely incidental to the middle class/rich French.

      2. That’s interesting… I’ve seen that on TV, but assumed it was parodying the situation and not really true. Particularly what comes to mind is an old episode of The Bob Newhart Show (if you ever got to see that one) where the main couple had French friends visit and they assumed it was a married couple, but it was the man and his mistress. As he left, he announced that his wife was abroad with her lover at the time and unavailable to accompany him.

      3. Bob Newhart! Now there’s a rave from the grave. As a kid I had a record of his stuff. A fine funny storyteller. But yes it is true the French – especially so the top end of society – don’t have any worries over affairs it seems. I remember that they could not se what all the fuss over Bill Clinton was about. When a politician in France gets ‘found out’ you might get small a mention of it on page 8 of Le Monde!

      4. LOL! Well, quite honestly, I for one didn’t see what the problem with Bill was either. I mean, if I was married to him, I’d have been quite upset and through with him, but as a political leader, I didn’t really care who he slept with. I wonder what the VD rate in France is?

      5. President Hollande not that long ago got found out having an affair – it was a ‘no news’ story in France. Only when his wife heard he was leaving her and she trashed the presidential palace causing thousands of euros worth of damage was there an outcry! Funny old world really.

  1. I love all of your post but this quote sums it up for me too. ” An aging old fool devoid of common sense and incapable of changing a light bulb. A ‘lefty’ at heart; an atheist by nature; I have no desire to be taken seriously!” Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Ann

    1. Thank you Ann – I don’t know if it’s a sorry state of affairs or a good one and in truth I’d quite forgotten I had described myself thus yet I can say it is true.

  2. I love the relationships you describe between men and women. A lot of them are so delightfully dysfunctional, often with the man being powerless, boneless (no pun intended, really) or just whimpy, while the woman is often a figure of power and/or dominance and assertion. I enjoy how these stories play out, because the relationship you describe is often tense, meaning anything can happen. I for one am happy this dude got out alive;)

    1. I’d almost forgotten this one for some reason – hope it’s not dementia – but yes I do tend to have the gals coming out on top (so to speak). Even Deirdre wins in the end.

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