She arrived

Carrying with her

Just a diminutive

Rather worn at the edges

Brown leather suitcase


She told me

The things that

Mattered most to her

Existed within it


That the contents

Were private


The implication of

Something more than

Just the nonspiritual

Was not lost on me



I respected that privacy

For awhile

Then one day

When she was away

Doing something or other

I dragged it out

From under our bed

Tried to prise it open

Failed dismally


Later I begged her

To keep secrets no more

So albeit reluctantly

She took a small rusty key

From her purse and

Opened the case


It was empty

Had been all along


She looked me in the eye

She said ‘I kept my dreams in there.

Now they have all flown away’




30 thoughts on ““I KEPT MY DREAMS IN THERE”

  1. Oh, what a lovely poem.
    Favorite line: She said ‘I kept my dreams in there. Now they have all flown away’

    1. Thanks. I was 100% into this one. All those years ago Shirley had a suitcase that she announced was just hers and its contents not for public consumption. I remembered it just before writing this – yet what followed is a fiction.

      1. How very poetic of Shirley! I would love to have a relationship with someone who has a suitcase I am not allowed to know the contents of…it always keeps that person a bit interesting, mysterious and exciting, even if it’s just a suitcase filled with nothing but air;)

      2. It turned out she had just a few photographs of her Dad and a couple of odds and ends in the case when she finally let me see – they meant a lot to her though as small things capturing memories do to most of us.

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