He fashioned a fishing rod

It served no purpose

For he lived in a desert


A little later in another place

He befriended a girl

Well versed in the ways of the world

More so than he


She told him she was

But one who took pleasure in suffering

Told him that a

Four-poster without ties

Is just a bed of convenience

That the pornography of idle thought

Was the perfect imperfection


Legend has it she freed his soul

Yet I have heard otherwise

From the horse’s mouth


Once in a dream

Out of the blue

The author of his demise

Came to me

Told me that those were indeed the

Lessons she had taught him

On a night of the Harvest Moon

That he had not listened to

A single word


The next morning

She took of her leave

Certain he would never forget her



  1. Wow! Incredible! It’s so funny to me that you love satire (which I admit is the most clever form of humor) because you have so many deep and analytic thoughts rolling around with the humor. I guess you are a true case of right-side and left-side brain working simultaneously. 🙂

    1. A nutter I am young Rachel – I am 80% left handed if that has something to do with it; not sure. But then again you’re not sane in the accepted sense. We are thus both quite mad!

      1. Well, that’s true for sure. So you’re a lefty? Yes, that makes sense. Jeremy’s a lefty as well. So is a musician I used to date. I have learned over the years that left-handed people are quite gifted in the arts which is definitely true in your case. Plus when you go around saying “I’m not in my right mind,” you really mean it. 😉

      2. George is 110% left handed! And I like the bit about ‘I’m not right in my head.’ If I could have a pound sterling for each time I’ve said that I would be a millionaire!

  2. Even in the surreal you craft a relationship between a male and female in which the female is the stronger, wiser and/or more dominant character. (Or maybe that’s just me projecting of course.) I like the image of a guy fishing in the desert. The first few lines can be a metaphor for so many things…This is one of those poems with imagery that automatically lingers on in my head.

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