hammersmith bridge

I entered this world a

Fully formed adult male

Delivered up by

A lightning bolt that

Struck a cast iron waste bin


Turnham Green Underground Station

Leaving me encased therein


After a long struggle

I wormed my way out and

Found myself

Quite naked on the pavement

Outside the station entrance

During the

Monday morning rush hour


Passers-by looked at me disdainfully

Some dumbstruck

Others in horror

Many a ‘tut tut’ aimed in my direction


Good fortune smiled though

A 1957 Austin A40 pulled up

In the street before me

The vehicle was sign written

‘Eric’s Unlicensed Cab of Unresolved Things’


I was ever so grateful to Eric

He jumped out of the cab

Rushed over and

Handed me a floor length

Black plastic Macintosh


Giving me the once over

A nod and a wink he said

‘This do you alright mate – you’re one of us now’

Before returning to his car and

Clattering off about his business


As morning turned to afternoon

The day got hotter and hotter

The Macintosh now an incubator

My earlier gratitude toward Eric waned

A certain animosity consumed me


It was at around this time

A summertime shower

Turned into an opening of the heavens

In the wake of which a

Rainbow formed


I tracked its path

The end of the rainbow there

In the middle of Hammersmith Bridge


I got there just in time

For it had not yet dissipated


Resting at the end of the rainbow

A pretty girl dressed in Victorian crinoline

With an antique silvered mirror in her hand


Her eyes knew who I was

I could tell


She told me to check my reflection

I did so and saw I was but a nothing

The chemistry of existence had

Failed me once more



    1. Back in the day mescaline was my drug of choice! Long, long time ago though! In truth I wrote this as a challenge to myself to write something that felt complete when finished by simply penning the first thoughts that entered my head.

      1. Ah, so maybe some of your magnificence is residual flashbacks of your mescaline days. 🙂 (Of course I’m kidding!) Honestly, I think you were born a genius. I’m constantly wowwed by the intensity of your verses.

      2. That’s very kind – oddly the occasional flashback does arrive yet I think it triggers more a depression of sorts than it helps creativity. Certainly – and a good thing – the mescaline did aid me in seeing a ‘world view’ for prior to taking in I lived in a metaphoric bubble.

      3. I was 14 when unbeknownst to me, one of my stepdads put acid in my beer. (Excellent parenting all the way around, right?) It was the scariest experience of my life! LOL! I saw bugs crawling out of my food and tried to down myself in the bathtub because I thought razors were coming out of the shower! I never had a desire to go near it after that.

      4. What a horrible thing to do – a true crime. Awful. A girl I fancied years ago (sadly she didn’t like me that much it seems) put acid in my beer and only told me after the event – a very bad trip indeed for we were camping on Dartmoor in a storm and the tent blew away in the middle of the night. Being a gentleman I let her sleep in my very small car while I went quietly insane on the moors!

      5. She denies it to this day you know. She lives in Canada now and visits us every so often (she actually still remains one of my very favourite people) yet insists she never did it – which is at odds with her telling me she’d done it at the time and me actually tripping not long thereafter!

      6. Oh no! Perhaps SHE did some herself, so she can’t remember correctly. Or, she was just pulling your leg at the time and the power of suggestion was so strong you had a trip without any help. (Nah! – I think she’s lying. She’s afraid Shirley will kick her arse!)

  1. Surreal as this was, I reckon we all feel like we were just dropped on Earth sometimes, left to fend for ourselves and figure out what it is we’re meant to do. At least it’s definitely something I can relate to. One of your very best works to date!

    1. An experiment in writing the very first things that came into my head – it’s an interesting thing to try out and good fortune smiled as it had structure I think. Also the experiment answered the question as to why I have this thing about the ‘all important first line’ for that was the only part that required a bit of thought pre the event of writing it down.

  2. I really enjoyed this poem, warning don’t read before bed! I thought about it all night. It’s humorous, yet rather frightening with nightmarish qualities, questioning our existence. It reads rather like a loop of a dream you can’t shake yourself out of, full of all kinds of strange and weird things and characters. I love it, really it’s so good!

    1. Thank for taking time out to read and reply. This was a ‘first thought that entered my head’ experiment – no edit allowed. I wasn’t sure what to think with the finished article until my wife Shirley said she rather liked it. I am glad you found it weird as I felt weird as the words fell out of my old brain.

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