Given my post earlier today was all about a female character who took the view all men should suffer a loss of rather important bits of their bodies I thought I’d give this ‘true’ story of my mad wife an outing. First posted this when I started blogging and didn’t know hardly a living soul on WordPress at the time.




Sometimes my wife – Shirley – looks, as that hackneyed old saying goes, ‘Like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth.’  That is all well and good yet the thing is she is as unpredictable as she is lovely and often there is neither rhyme nor reason behind the things she does insofar as I can tell.    Sometimes she has the mouth of a navvy, sometimes the eloquence of a bard. 

Unusually in a female she has an almost phobic loathing of shops – all shops be they fashion or food it matters not a jot. Such places bore her and when bored Shirley becomes a dangerous liability!  Once, for example, in the queue at a supermarket check-out, finding the tedium of it all unacceptable she decided that she would treat me as if I were a random ‘weirdo’ of sorts.    There I was innocently stood behind her in said…

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10 thoughts on “ON HOW MY WIFE TRIED TO MAIM ME – A true story!

      1. LOL! Aha! The old sleep with one eye open routine. 😉 Maybe you should set up some empty cans outside your bedroom door so she’ll warn you if she pops in unannounced. No when does she have her blog scheduled to include a story about you? 🙂

      2. ‘Sleep with one eye open’ – Metallica I recall! I do wish she’d blog though – she rarely even goes into WordPress save to read a few things. She has the gift and knows more words than me.

      3. Perhaps after she’s settled into the new house, she’ll take the laptop out to the new garden and blog out there. 🙂 Living with you, I can’t imagine she doesn’t have anything interesting to say. 😉

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