Friday it is – another JC skit from my early days of blogging!




Judea AD28: JC has been out on a ‘stag night’ he organised for Judas, one of his mates from down the pub.  A jolly good time has been had by one and all at John the Baptiste’s riverside bar, ‘The Christening of Bacchus.’  Shekels aplenty have been spent and the stripper from Galilee, Angel Arcs (my how she arced) who started out dressed as a Roman Centurion has gone down a treat.  The early hours are upon him, the rain pouring down in shed loads and several buckets of lager later JC curses at the front door desperate to get inside quick as his bladder is fit to burst. Following a few abortive attempts to get his key in the lock JC enters only to find Mary sat down in her favourite chair playing with her IPad thing exactly as he left her earlier!

Mary: “Pissed again I see. …

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  1. There are awesome! They’re addicting and like a soap opera. Is this going to be like Agatha Christie’s “And Then There Were None” where you keep going until JC loses all his Facebook friends one by one? If you haven’t gotten that far yet, I hope you do! 😀 I’m totally addicted! 😀

    1. Cheers young Rachel – I only ever did 4 of these plus a couple of spin of stories. I did enjoy writing them and was rather chuffed when Clive spotted them and put the in the sozsatire online mag. You have inspired me to write some more.

      1. Really? YAY! I totally love when one of his FB friends disappears. I think you should keep going with that until he gets to zero. Then maybe something else can happen. 🙂 I can’t wait! 😀

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