Whereas she would cavort

Would take that much fabled

Leap of trust

Assuming he would always

Be there to catch her

He, the reticent magus was

Inevitably otherwise engaged

Some sorcery or other

Always a new concoction

A cocktail of rat’s tails and herbs

Aimed at killing or curing

Cursing or charming

As the fancy took him


Then came the day

She found their sanctuary deserted

He had followed the sun west for

Reasons unknown

Left behind no parchment


Albeit with a

Bouquet of culpability

She felt compelled to search

His clandestine studio

Usually under lock and key

Old oak door ajar this day


Assumptions are the most

Unreliable of thoughts

It would be to her cost that

She was tempted to prize open

His apothecary cabinet

Uncork the phial and

Pour just a smidgen into

The richly enamelled chalice


Later that day

When he returned home

He discovered her

Snow white body

In crumpled lace

His terracotta framed muse

Lying prone upon the floor


From his pocket

Set in silver for

She loathed the

Decadence of gold

He retrieved the emerald

He had bought for her

Looked at her, then

Looked at the precious stone

Shed a single tear

And drank from that same chalice

Thus casting the spell that would

Unite their state of being and

In his heart of hearts

The hope of

Uniting their souls


When she awoke

His body was stone cold

Not so her essence for

That had dissolved


He had at last

Taken that leap of trust

The very thing she had

Once craved he would



20 thoughts on “THE RETINCENT MAGUS

    1. Cheers – as mentioned we set off at ‘silly’ o’clock in the morning; will catch up with your posts upon my return having sunk a pint or two in your honour whilst there! I should add – the wife pointed this out to me last evening – that had I not discovered your poetry I wouldn’t be writing (albeit not in your league) poetry at all!

    1. Thanks I wondered what was going on when I noticed that I wasn’t following you – thought (me being me) I’d pressed a wrong button. Now all is clear – think I’ve done it right and am following.

      1. I tried to make the transition as easy as possible…poetry has my heart but all of these drafts in the accounting of my life and fiction are getting higher. Thank you Mike for following you and your site is an inspiration to me as well as your outlook on life. Ann

      2. Cheers – I am so relieved that I had not stopped following you by accident – such is the poor level of my PC skills. Not that I use Facebook very often yet recently upset a number of people by ‘unfriending’ – awful word – without any idea that I had done so!

    1. Cheers – back South of the Thames now I shall catch up with your posts – I’ll do a quick Facebook check later in the day and find them that way. Whilst at the wedding in the frozen North poor Shirley had her IPad nicked from a break-in at our hotel room! Grave nuisance but there might be a skit in it somewhere.

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