Dear Soz

Proper satire from Danny Soz.



Dear Soz Satire

Children’s homes owners. Raise half a million pounds overnight by dressing around 30% of your homeless orphans in dog costumes and setting fire to them.

Marvin Gormless


Footnote: This brief but earnest little satire was to express my utter consternation that a fire at a dog’s home in Manchester attracted a veritable flood of donations which reached over £500.00 in a matter of hours, while children’s charities are lucky, in some instances, to raise that sum in a year.

A radio journalist who dared raise the same concerns was branded “worse than a paedophile” by one overwrought cunt of a woman. No really!

As Plato said to Euripedes down the boozer one night: You couldn’t make it up could you son?”

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