Cairo 1922

A gift of informal probate

One grain of sand


Under the looking glass

Also under a shaft of brilliance

A rainbow prism

A crystal world of possibilities


One grain of sand

Bequeathed to me from

The Last Will and Testament

Of a dear friend


A shoe less station of

Proclaimed peace and solitude

The golden domed mosque

A creation of the

Glorious endeavour of

Supposed apocryphal forefathers

Claim those faraway critics

My descendants

Who should know better than to

Draw a conclusion

Outside of reason

Outside of first-hand knowledge


The call to prayer

Skimming the flat rooftops

Echoing far and wide

A bustling of believers

A magnetism of faith


A charity of second nature

Saved the life of this

Godless pilgrim

A wounded stranger

Beaten, robbed and

Left for dead


This stranger

From a distant land


No talk back then of fast food virgins

Served up in cartons for

The reckless young rebels

With an ill-conceived cause

Reaching out for that profit

That everlasting orgasm of

Death pre-meditated


No, not that

For I testify to an


Instinctive kindness


Attended to by my rescuers

Veiled young wife

Exuding charm yet

Rarely uttering a word


Fed and watered

Wounds tended

Offer of recompense

Acknowledged yet

Politely refused


I was sent on my way

A hug and a wave goodbye

Mended and in awe


In another place

In another time

I could have claimed to have

Lived a parable


One grain of sand

I discovered it inside

One of the boots

The old cloaked grandfather

My new found friend

A man close to death then

Dead now

Freely handed down to me

For mine were lost to thieves

Discovered when

Fit and well and

Back in Blighty


One grain of sand

A treasured remembrance

One that wiped clean

The stains of a

Distant tabloid future

A future where one and all

Would be tarred with the same brush



    1. Thank you – in the light of recent events in the Middle East I just thought (even though I am atheist) it is so very wrong to tar all Muslims with the same brush as the media would have us believe. I have yet to meet with one I never took to – and I have met many.

      1. I used to teach English to Moslem ladies in their homes and have had… and still have… many friends amongst the Islamic community. I have seldom met with greater welcome or kindness.I agree with you, people are people; a mix of all kinds, across all races, ages and creeds.

  1. We are confronted with the worst of the humanity, race or religion so often that we forget the billions of people with better morals, much compassion and more selflessness …..

      1. Cheers – it is a subject I do (for once) take seriously as I know a lot of Muslims – living in England you do – and they are all to man, woman and child – certainly the ones I’ve met – top people who lookout for and look after their families.

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