Pity the shattered lens

Deprived me of further observation

I had studied the night sky for an eon

Now the spectacle of

The dying star denied me

Bastard shattered lens

Bastard telescope

I curse the pitiless doyenne


My theory in tatters

No protocol for

Expiring gravitation

Methodology out of the window

Chaos reigns supreme

That is until the

Perfect blackness comes to visit

Most often she overstays her welcome

This abiding midwife

Hanging blandly in there

As long as it takes for baby

‘Cosmos’ to be born


The daughter of an overlord

Told me otherwise

By way of deficient consolation

Firm in the knowledge

I could not now prove her wrong


A grin of gratification as

She slammed shut the dungeon door

Departed with a spring in her step


Then again it was she

Who had the Inquisition

Still not content the

Rack had done me justice

Smash to smithereens

That damned optical device thus

Despoiling my only possession

My gateway to the heavens

My prompt to philosophize


She took a good measure of pleasure

Seeing me sulking in my cell

Chained, naked, unwashed

The possessor of nothing

Save for knowledge

Knowledge I had aplenty

A fortune denied to her

A subject that irked her


My crime?

She desired a tractable theology

I gifted her a considered truth

To optimistically marvel at


Despite her high rank

Truth was a bitter pill to swallow

Made her truculent, fierce


It is thus that I am imprisoned

It is thus that I will burn upon

The puritanical bonfire of

Papal design

Constructed at her behest


Once she would have me as her consort

Had I imparted the

Words she wanted

This reluctant martyr to say


Bitter sweet my recognition for

Once safe and sound within

My own microcosm

My ghost will take excursions

Will haunt her bedchamber


26 thoughts on “THE PITILESS DOYENNE

      1. Ah, The Inquisition, what fun that must of been to partake in. Oh, how I sometimes yearn for a return to the days of yore, when blasphemers were tortured and THEN put to death or locked away forever in dank dungeons to be fed upon by lice.

      2. Though I must say the current Pope does seem to be at least trying to point out some of the silliness in Church doctrine. As well, f*cking him is probably not going to help matters at all. And who’d actually be the one to do it to the old dude? Nasty business that is.

  1. Love this one…it seems to bring together two of your main themes: Religion (or rather the evil part of it) and a female entity having total control over a sane man, driving him to insanity it seems. Pretty fucking brilliant;)

    1. Cheers – a weird one this. It came from out of the blue. I only posted it because Shirley gave it the thumbs up. Saw masses of Dutch people camping in the mist in the sand dune area near Dunkirk yesterday and wonder why!

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