sunshine girl 2

14th June 1940

The hasty words and deeds of

The sunshine girl

Extinguished the sparkling lights of Paris

Becalmed all passion that night, the

City of Love became the

Shadowy City of the Mystified

No river boats on the Seine

Montparnasse bars, cafés, restaurants alike

Shut up shop

Empty boulevards

Madams left cursing lost profit


Thinkers lost for thoughts

Dreamers with empty heads

Philosophers firing blanks

Wretched artists humbled

Lotharios without a cause

For love went unrecognized

Erotic vapours vapid

Lust turned to dust

Intrigue took a wrong turn


Emperor’s fraudulent new clothes

Had nothing on this winsome girl for

Cupids heroine that she was, was

The one who left behind a

Million broken hearts

Had, you see, called time on ‘romance’

Took to the legs-crossed convent

Would kiss only the chalice or

The hand of the priest thereinafter


Thus it unfolded that each and

Every blood red soul

Young or aged

Male and female alike

Took to their beds and wept

The sunshine girl had

Both left the city and left her

Admirers with a contradiction

Some would later say, ‘a lie’

Those exiled already

Upon hearing the news ‘surely not’


As to why she left?

A simple hand crafted note

“Those I love and

Those who love me

No longer make me laugh”


19th August 1945

As is the way with the French

Come a new dawn

Come a new muse

Rien ne change; tout reste le même


20 thoughts on “THE SUNSHINE GIRL

      1. I thought that might happen. My limited comprehension of French inspired me to look up the last line of the poem, ‘The more things change, the more they stay the same’. I thought it was somewhat ironic in the context of the poem and I was wondering if that would be a good thing.

      2. Gotcha – I was trying to make the sunshine girl a metaphor for the time between the fall of Paris to the the Germans and its liberation. Paris is wonderful because of its history. Love, life, fine wine, stupendous food, art and philosophy will always flourish there. The world for us humans will be dead the day that ends.

  1. Wonderful. Your poetry has the warmth about it of a long forgotten memory that’s just been remembered. It glows with the color of an old b/w photo from a bygone era while singing a modern melody which resonates in the immediate present. You’ve a great talent here Mike. I admire it greatly.

    1. Made my day Sir – you know if I could travel back in time, even with the knowledge a war was about to break out, that would be the time I lived in. Art, philosophy, the birth of the first atheists prepared to speak out without being hung, drawn and quartered etc.

    1. You can feel that dramatic change all over Northern France – its image handed down through each generation subliminally. I think it is why I feel summoned to France so often – missed the usual long break there this year as we thought we would be moving house this summer – move got delayed – probably December now and thus I pine for France!

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