Berlin, Oh my Berlin

In those years between two Wars

You were coarse, of course, you knew it

A reprobate behind closed doors


Decadence quite unfettered

You nightclubs lewd and crude

Weimar culture babes ‘a dancing’

Most times in the nude


Transvestites, candelabra’s

Small dark venues, dimly lit

Cabaret within a smoky haze

Such a perfect fit


The Blue Angel, was Marlene

A sultry bohemian

Adored by a grateful public

Loved by gay gentlemen


For philosophers’ and libertarians’

You were the place to be

A place where one could order up

Fresh flesh and chilled Chablis


Away from the spotlights

Hidden from preying eyes

Berlin you were on borrowed time

You’d forgotten Hitler’s spies


A cocktail of chaos and politics

Would herald your downfall

The Nazi’s consummate evil

Swapped the passion for the banal


More than that though Berlin

Your demise was arts cause lost

When the lights went out over Europe

Mankind paid the cost


The innocence of debauchery

Trumps the guilty puritan

Don’t tell me any fascist

Can call themselves a ‘man’


A loss of all compassion

Desires under lock and key

The souls of extinguished genius

Scarred all Germany


I’d quite forgotten I had written this one back in November last year.



  1. Just gets better and better as you read through the verses. The initial tolerant humour and observation gradually give way to the impending changes which were to destroy that gaudy garden and replace it with a world where there was, “A loss of all compassion” and all that implies

      1. Actually if the truth be told I think I have had cannibalism from the South Seas covered extensively here some time ago – it’s just that I like to keep there taboo away from impressionable young ladies such as yourself – manners you see!

      2. Everybody tells my wife how well mannered I am – then she tells them what I’m really like. I did try to gag mid conversation once yet my sock was too short to fit about her mouth. By the way I see Inchy mugged up a good shot of you on his post yesterday and one of me committing an act of violence today!

  2. WOW! This is amazing! I had no idea Berlin was into such debauchery way back. Brilliant verse! 😀

    And on another note, I go away for a couple of days and come back to a changed header photo of you! What a great picture! Is that on your side or the French side?

    1. Berlin between the wars is really worth reading about – think of the old film Cabaret as that sums it up to an extent.
      That pic was taken just yesterday in Ramsgate near the marina – thought it an idea the old fool used a snap that wasn’t 4 years old! You can all see what an old twat I am now!

  3. I didn’t realize this was one of your earlier poems until I read it at the end. I would never have guessed it. This poem is kinda like a time traveler telling the people of Berlin of what’s in stock for them. It’s weird to have a poem about the past that feels like it’s predicting a future. Replace small elements of this poem (the city, the Nazis, Hitler) in lieu of present day alternatives and my guess is the poem would stand as strong as it does now. (That’s just a mindgame, not an actual suggestion;))
    One might say this one is timeless!

    1. Cheers – I have read up a lot about Berlin between the wars and the debauchery comes over loud and clear. I hate Musicals with a vengeance yet the film of one; ‘Cabaret’ does give a clue what it was like – if you’ve not seen it it is a worthy watch.

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