“I say Inchy old chap I do think it’s a bit orf you publishing that photo of me and the missus having a swift snog at the Palace all over Facebook – my reputation as one who favours a republic lies in tatters – even worse the old boot refused me my knighthood.  Told us both to ‘Fuck orf’ to boot. Your entire bleddy fault!  I can however report that Her Majesty never used the kharzi, belched or farted even just the once in the time we were there.”

You can catch the swine that is said Inchy (he being the one who mugged this shot up) at both;




He is worth a read if you’re prepared to open a vein!



  1. You know, he also posted a photo of me without my approval, and even though there was no damning evidence, it seems that just the fact that I was ‘seen to be in his company’ was detrimental to my political and social standing.

    1. Sorry abarhgt that Marissa. I’m gerrin; on a bit nah yer know, and bein’ as I aint dun nuffin wrong all me boring painful life, I thought a bit of naughtiness might cheer me up like. Mind you, it didn’t!

    1. I read your kind words about me on your blog and my day was made! Thank you. Also thank you for the passing on of the baton. Please do not – in any way, shape or form – think me discourteous yet I have not taken up such offers previously as I don’t wish to be taken seriously. I know myself well and once I do start taking things seriously all the fun will dissipate and the whole thing will feel like the kind of work I walked away from when we sold the business. That said you are plainly a lovely lady who I hope does not get the raving hump with me!

  2. Grrr…Grrr…I am sooooo annoyed… you total ingrate! I may well set the hounds on you, well maybe just the West Highland terrier 😉

    Seriously though, Mike…What a gracious response, who could get the humpy pumpy with such a charming gentleman as yourself. Life, as you rightly point out, should be about having some fun and I look forward to many more delectable posts from your inspired pen. Kindest regards to you and your good Lady Shirley.

    1. I can sleep easy – not easy for an insomniac such as I though – yet thank you so much – I do worry about these things. By the way I love the word ‘thingy’ – even now Shirley always refers to her IPad ‘thingy’!
      The Old Fool

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