Jihadists Need To “Dress For Success” Says UN Envoy Victoria Beckham

Insane satire at its very best!

The League of Mental Men!


Victoria Beckham pictured last week showing the General Synod Of Great Britain how to look classy but sexy during a fractious, religious schism 

Newly appointed United Nations envoy and fashionista, Victoria Beckham, has hit out at what she calls the “appalling and outdated” dress sense of Islamist terrorists, insisting that if they were to “smarten themselves up a bit” and start “dressing for success” the rest of the world wouldn’t see them in such a bad light.

In her maiden speech to the UN in Geneva last night, Ms Beckham, 73, was particularly scathing about the Islamic State fighters, currently cutting a murderous swathe through Syria and Iraq, whose full length black robes and matching face masks were described as “samey” and “lacking in oomph” by the star

“Perhaps if these jihadist people were to pay a little more attention to their wardrobe the British and Americans wouldn’t be quite…

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7 thoughts on “Jihadists Need To “Dress For Success” Says UN Envoy Victoria Beckham

      1. ‘Chapter’ I really like that – makes me sound like a Hell’s Angel! Never owned a motorbike though – used to know a bloke years ago who wore all the Hell’s Angel gear (expensive stuff as well) but used to peddle around the town on a regular bicycle!

      2. No you didn’t! That’s so funny! 😀 When I get to your side of the pond, I’m bringing laminated membership cards for your fan club. Then you and Shirl can pass them out to only qualifying people who might not believe you have a world-wide fan base.

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