contortionist 2

The circus visits

Acrobats distract

Brave lithesome girls

Birds on a wire

Atlas men

Muscle bound pyramid


He forgets his purpose

When the travellers

Come to town


Jugglers juggle

His eyes fail to cope

Darts of Agincourt

His thoughts blended

At a rate of knots

Hell for leather

A soup of lunacy

Inside his old head


Tortuous episode



The clowns, those

Wretched painted clowns

Calamitous demons

Targeted tittering

Spatial genius

Crooked digits point

Conspiratorial whispers

Scare him shitless

Take aim

A bucket of paint?

Only harmless confetti

He should have guessed


In his nightmare

He counts his luck

Another layer

Before he comes to


A contortionist

Impossible design

Shape shifting dyspepsia



Outer layer now

Awakes with a start

Live audio


She asks him if

Dreams still haunt

He can but nod

Affirmative nod

Reluctant nod

Truthful nod


A crestfallen sage

A wry token smile

Is all he can offer this day


20 thoughts on “THE CRESTFALLEN SAGE

  1. Beautiful as usual, neatly capturing the ‘circus’ sentiment (the circus is a sentiment in my mind). Although I’m nostalgic to anything related with a circus coming to town (probably because they mostly stopped coming around the time internet entered our lives), I never really liked the circus. I always imagined how lonely I would be if I were to be part of a traveling circus.
    Btw, I apologize for my long absence. I’ve been busy setting up a company here on Curaçao with some friends of mine. It’s great fun, but stressful and very time consuming. I haven’t found the time to focus on reading and writing these past few weeks. I hope to catch up on both soon, though these next few weeks will probably remain quite on Satire Nation:S

    1. Glad you are OK – hope the business is a success – I remember when we set up the investigations company – no business at all at the outset then one day it took off – it can be very stressful I know. By the way have just researched for a tale I’m writing and used the town of Curuçá in it – is that the same place as where you are or just a coincidence – literally picked up on this town for an Amazonian skit half an hour ago!

  2. Another poetic gem, Sir. Clowns. Does anyone really find them endearing? Like you, they kinda give me the creeps, and the few fellows I’ve know from the theater who did some work as clowns were just as creepy with their makeup off as with it on. Well written piece, my friend.

      1. Yeah, I know that feeling. But as they say, “Writers live twice.” Being as most of the characters I write about are insane what does that say about me? 😉

      2. I haven’t published yet… Just now getting around to querying and if that doesn’t go well, I’ll go the self-pub route. But if you’d like to read any of them before then, look on my blog and see which one(s) are along your alley, and I’ll email it to you.

    1. Clowns take purpose away when stuck in ones dreams – always loathed the wretched things! My parents took me to the circus every year – never had the heart to tell them I hated it.

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