head on a plate

He had planned a

Life of debauchery

Wrote sonnets as quatrains

Erstwhile the ragged poem

The deceitful enchantment

Neither attracted nor repelled

Gifted them her regardless


She kept them in a drawer

Company for buttons

Cotton wool and


And little things that were once

Part of something else

She read just some

Found them

Not fit for purpose


Will she be his

Tranquilized suffragette?

The offer of his darkness

Politely, yet firmly refused

An almost agreeable dilemma

Were he the chivalrous zealot


In the house of vivid memories

She was forgotten in a blink

For a little while at least

Once awake images of her

Ran rampant still

A virus named ‘indulgent adoration’

Liquor the remedy


Her temper a mushroom shaped

Cloud of exasperation

Told him a thing or two

Nothing he did not already know

The ever expanding ball of fire

Merely scorched his leathern flesh

Albeit targeted at

His very being


Sat in her chair

Elbows upon oak

Chin resting on cradled fingers

Coupled palms

She watched awkwardly

Died a thousand deaths


Later that same day

The head of a potentate was

Served upon a platter


A victory of sorts

In the game of life



      1. Cheers young Marissa – do you know I didn’t even think of the picture when I was trying to work out what you meant – must tell Shirl for she collects tales of my ‘literal’ stupidity. I mean it is so obvious what you meant now – why didn’t I see it in the first place!

    1. This one is one where I haven’t a clue where it came from – I’ve got one today which is planned around a theme – partly topical – yet came out so dark I even dreamed about it. Can’t wait for your take on it – knowing you are the mistress of the dark side of story telling.

      1. LOL! Yes, I am. 🙂 I loved it! As I told you on your post, it was so powerful and radiating. I really think you need to get these published. Have you checked into your BNBS? You’ve got so many wonderful works, it’s a shame they aren’t available in more mediums and that you aren’t making money off them. 🙂 (Yes, I’m serious.)

      2. LOL! Not at all! It’s Britain’s Next Best Seller. Apparently if you live there (which you do) you can register your book and then people vote to have them publish it. It’s very cool, actually. I wish we had something like that. 🙂

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