How quick the parchment

Flares and blackens

The calligraphy of

Chronicled events

Under the flame of

The malevolent torch


Howling wolves’ herald

An arrival of the

Muscle bound feral foe

Chills head to toe the

Feeble descendants of the soil


Hounds unleased to no avail

An earthquake of rampaging hooves

The first inkling that they come

The slovenly ones of depraved intent


Bravado over stealth

Point scoring; point making

They plunder; they pillage

Sequestering the citadel of its

Golden chalice, its

Ceremonial goblet of yore


Oblivious to the legends held

Within the once radiant

Righteous light

Fashioned by lead framed

Glass of alluring stains

The quest for verdant meat

Begins in earnest


The plaintiff wails of death throes

The hideous screams of feminine pitch

Saved for the worse fate of

Outrageous ravishment


Carried off to gratify the

Unfeeling captors

Immune to clemency’s pleas

Until they tire

Become bored

Pleased no longer


Then and only then

Let the stolen forgotten ones

Be sold on to the like-minded

Be discarded upon

The embers of envy fulfilled

Feed their remains to the dogs


Put to the butcher’s blade

The sons and fathers

Bodies dismembered, strewn

Firmament to the clod

Carrion for the crows

Come first light


In the name of this God or that

This overlord’s colours or that

They come from the north

Always from the north

Where distillation of spirit holds sway

Over fermentation of essence


Let Lindisfarne be Navarino

Let Chibok be Qraqush

Let Chios be Nanjing

Let it be somewhere fresh

‘Twas ever thus

Where decent men fear to tread



  1. Scorcher. Has a nice glide and some lovely language, message apart – I’d have to examine you further. I used to enjoy scripting ‘Charge of the Light Brigade’ type efforts with my bombast. Not that you are bombast, you are perfect here – I think you’ll get some acclaim for this, it’s tight. Have you recited to the wall yet? That’s the only problem with these things – generally the readers on-line have nasal, squeaky voices and completely ruin the experience, unresolvable. 🙂

    1. Fine satire to conclude with! I write as an amateur having picked up a pen but a year ago having tired of running a business. A bit hit and miss at times yet when I do occasionally think I’ve nailed one it’s a fine thing to be told so. Cheers. By the way your own style interests me – quite unique and not unlike being subject to Sugar Ray Leonard’s sublime and constant jab never quite sure of when the fatal punch will arrive – that is meant I must add as the highest compliment.

      1. We’re not so different. I had the writer pain tucked up inside for years, and worked as a lackey up the HoC recording the Chamber audio. Walked out after 17 years when Dad popped, and the rest – you’ve got all that awfulness to endure. I recommend the OU A215 course if you want a surround a writer pals and affirmation. You’d thrive in the pond, though you’se a smart frog already etcet

      2. Cheers for that – spent my whole life telling myself to do the things I know best (safety first and all that) so the writing thing is new territory – relatively. Still die a thousand deaths when I make a cock-up (not that anyone seems to notice) yet I shall take a look at said course. Thanks again.

  2. this hits me like a boxer’s knockout punch – your most powerful and polemical poem – set handsomely and solemnly against the background of the much preyed upon Holy Island

  3. Oi !

    “They come from the north

    Always from the north

    Where distillation of spirit holds sway

    Over fermentation of essence”

    don’t think ah didnae catch yon reference tae ma ancestral kinfolk, ye bluidy sassenach !

    1. Thought that might get spotted! I read a thing a while back saying to the effect that the colder the climate means the scope for fermentation of wine and similar gives way to distillation of much stronger brews and in the wake of that more violence etc. History does seem to confirm this – fall of Rome and similar. Probably a load of bollocks yet it struck a chord!

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