Manny first ate all the snakes

Then whatever else laid eggs

And although not all that partial to

Ate all that had four legs


Manny ate up all the fish

And of honey robbed the bees

With little left to scoff upon

Manny ate all the trees


Yet Manny had some room left

His tummy rumbling still

He stumbled upon the idea

Of eating the land fill


That was Manny’s big mistake

Land fill is just mans’ waste

And waste was all that was left

Since Manny’s desire to taste


And consume the planet Earth

Of everything it had

‘Man He’ had extinguished

What was good and made it bad


‘Man He’ left no clutter

At the very end

Just a dead and lonely planet

No one to apprehend


For ‘Man He’ no longer

Existed in this place

‘Man He’ was merely

Now the dust of cosmic space


A re-run of an old piece of verse from when I first kicked on with this blogging habit.


24 thoughts on “MANNY’S EATING DISORDER!

      1. He’s a Fantastic Four villain. He eats entire planets and created the Silver Surfer to help him find “live” ones to eat. Fun stuff, if you love comic books, and I love comic books. 😀

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