Thunder clap or aeroplane

Empyrean spittle upon

Terrestrial pan or

A din of mortal creation?

It matters little


Trifling over this and that

She purrs a melody

‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’

No particular reason

Just does


Jogged back down to earth

The heavens open

A familiar refrain

The liege of recherché

Gifts what is pure

To potholes and pavements

Vegetation and mortality

In pulsating percussion


From a cranny

A furtive peek

Brutal the elements

Delays the dog walk

For now


The door slams open

Wet and wind swept

Loud and proud

Hands on hips

And soaked through

Makes his entrance


An advent of mutual longing

Her thirst for muscle

Muscle and for brawn

His for rousing roundness

Lascivious symmetry

Once more delays

The dog walk

For now


13 thoughts on “A POSTPONEMENT

    1. Funny how dogs always want a walk even when the weather is inclement! Must admit that since old Skipper died two years ago I’ve not missed the winter morning walks along the beach at all!

      1. Okay, we can just wait ’til it actually happens and then I can write a blog bemoaning what a great woman she was and I how I really didn’t appreciate all that when she was alive and then you can just snidely comment and not hit the like button.

      2. It’s a difficult one. From my experience ‘like’ would have been quite appropriate for the demise of the mother-in-law yet in truth clicking on a ‘like’ still feels out of order. I would be most interested to see your verse following such a tragic event – maybe ‘The mother-in-law just snuffed; She went and fell off her bike; And when I was advised via Facebook; Couldn’t help myself and clicked ‘like’ – that sort of thing!

      3. Yes, definitely interesting, and, truth be told, I am know tempted to write such a verse even though the old bat hasn’t yet kicked. I would probably go straight to hell!

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